14 Bike co. build

Hi there, I’m new around these parts. Heres my bike I’m bringing over from London in May.
After a few different guises its now built up to resemble a Keirin build.

14 Bike co. Truman Frame
Nitto Jaguar Stem
B123 Drops
TB14 on Dura Ace hubs
Dura Ace FC7710 cranks (with Sugino 75 chainring)
Veloflex Master 22 tyres
Nitto Jaguar seatpost
Selle Italia Concor (14 Bike Co. branded)

You should put the pics up here instead of just hosting them on LFGSS.

Sorry im a bit rubbish on the internet. I didn’t realise it was that easy to do it. they’re up there now.

2012 - Year of the gumwall?

Clean build mang.

Big clearances. Is it built for 27" wheels? I still like it though.

nice ride man

22’s on a bike that can prolly fit 28’s?

It’s a new frame, so it’d be built for 700c’s.

Yeah, it’s the one thing which I don’t like about it (the clearances). The rear is fine its just the fork crown. It’s a nice bike to ride though.

I like it too. I think some 25-28 gumwalls would balance out the clearences a little and give you a more enjoyable ride.
Nice build!