15% off at Creux for FOA members!

Hey all

Creux have come onboard with a banner ad for the month of August (I know, I’m a little early) offering FOA members a 15% discount.

Use the code ‘FOA15’ at checkout to enjoy the goodness.

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Rad times.

I have been wearing the shit out of my hoodie - I need another one. May purchase again.

Dang it… no hoodies?

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Detour shorts are awesome. Daily use. Will not die.

The Panache shorts are the best pair of shorts I have ever owned, do yourself a favor and grab a pair… fuckin’ bangers.

those DDCX tee’s are a rad deal at that price too!

Not sure if it’s my weird work connection blocking some stuff but that website doesn’t display properly on chrome v28 / IE 7 under Win XP.

Works fine though on my mobile - must be the work connection I guess

I’m waiting for the 2014 hoodie.

^ and patches!
Bought some shorts with the coupon, muchly appreciated! Timing is perfect, my usual riding denims are pretty much shagged.

'cause i cop too much shit for wearing them shorts with the mesh undies built in, i’m gonna get some. are they sized small, normal, big?? i’m normally 30-32.

thanks mateys

I’m a 32 McKenny, and the Mediums are spot on. I did try on the Small as well, but nah, too tight.

ace, thanks!

i belive a small is a 30, m is a 32 lrg 34 and so on but i could be wrong here

who’s that epic douchelord with the shitty tattoos in the photos?

You Troll jams. you know full well both “models” are RAD peoples.

i don’t actually know who the other guy is. (ie, the one who isnt my all time mancrush Jiggy Jay Doug Ray)

Just bought some jeans. Thanks rolly!

If you’re a size L/34, it’s your lucky week. Got 30% off all our Cotton Shorts and Chinos until Sept 10.

Also have 30% Off L/XL/XXL on the remaining stock of S/S 2013 Tees. Only a handful left.

30% + the 15% FOA discount = Double Happiness.

Love your work Van. Shorts ordered and a little note attached. Cheers!

Cheers Kit.

Didn’t see the note though?