1980's Nishiki Trim Master FIXIE Cr-Mo

[b]My 1980 Nishiki trim master frame and fork with the following parts:

Velocity V wheels
Vittoria Rubino tyres
Shimano 600 Arabesque cranks
flip flop
Nitto track drops
Nitto track stem
shimano 600 Alloy headset
shimano 600 AX Aero seat tube
Brooks Proffesional leather saddle[/b]

let us know when you’ve got pics and then i’ll be stuffed reading about your bike :smiley:

pics r up…

Thanks worth the wait. Nice set of parts too.

envious. Great looking bike!

how do you find the long brake, it looks pretty good.

kudos on the crank bolt caps.
Nice looking bike allround! I like Nishikis.