1985 custom built funny bike

hi, i’m hector from the philippines and would like to share my fixed gear bikes in your
great site.
this is my first bike built in 1985 by a local custom builder here. it was inspired from
the funny bikes of the 1984 olympics.
it has a tange half aero tubing, tange headset, cinelli bars and stem, shimano seatpost,
mavic challenger disc wheel, 24 inch araya front rim, superb track crank and later on
added scott aero bars…

just sharing.

good introduction!

colour overload! where do you ride it?

De Stijl. Appropriately named given the colour scheme.

Nicey nice

almost to hectic.

Nice ride !! Welcome Hector.

World’s best practice first post.

What he said.^

So is there a big scene where you are , or are you kind of a lone ranger rebel with you fixed gear bike?

Wow, this rules

was waiting for this

yup, i rode it last sunday at an elliptical road 2.2 km long where cyclists gather to show off their bikes,
do long spinning and do hourly rides as well…
here’s me on double discs before…

just sharing.

The lone Wolf of the philippines nice bike and welcome.

That pic looks like it’s fresh from the 70’s.


this is now painted in an all pearl white color with a cinelli theme. the cinelli stickers were all home printed using
waterslide decal sheet. now has a campagnolo crankset, cinelli handle stem…still waiting for my campagnolo
seat post to arrive…the decals on the discs are vinyl ones done by a shop near here.

thanks for viewing.

Holy shit! Is that front brake rigged upto a bar end shifter?? Thumb shifter?? WOW!

chuck those profile bars back on

This is some rad shit right here! A+ for having the wheels lined up for the photo.


God tier interweb skills Geoff. Ask them if they’ll post :stuck_out_tongue: