1x10/1x11 road bike... am I crazzy?

I’ve been thinking with all this 1x mtb and cx drivetrain stuff, wouldn’t a 1x10 or 1x11 road setup be pretty sweet.
Something like a 48T chainring with 11-36T cassette and MTB rear, and SRAM right shifter.
The only issue is that nobody makes a narrow-wide 48T or higher chainring yet, although it will definitely happen soon.

So not for racing, but for commuting and general road cycling 48T/11-36T should give you decent range, right?

For everything except descending it’d be good?

EDIT: Most people probably don’t care about going down hills that fast though right?

Yeh, but why?

^Lighter, cheaper, simpler… ZEN?

I have thought about this too, but as 'avy said, why? Front derailleurs aren’t exactly expensive, heavy or difficult to fit/adjust, and the idea of having a fake lever and an empty DT boss is annoying aesthetically.

This is probably the future, and we see now what a visionary H. is.

Why not just one gear … that’s at least 10 or 11 times more Zen, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Fyxation Quiver is kind-of the idea:

I rode 1X8 for about 9 months and found it great for commuting. From memory I had 42 X 11-27 which gave more than enough range for city riding.
I reckon go for it. If you don’t like it you can just chuck on a FD. No big deal

isn’t this getting close then to a IG like Alfine or Rohloff?

trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. this reminds me of my first wife. :o

For your average cyclist I agree it’s perfect,
I see so many people with front shifting problems or people that don’t understand the basic concept of keep a semi straight chainline by that I mean not half lining the chain from the 39 to the 11

^ Perfect like a noob like myself.
I dunno, I’m attracted to the simplicity. The coming 1x11 SRAM CX1 groupset is pretty sweet too:

give yourself over fully to the beard and get an IGH :stuck_out_tongue:
you know you want to

looks like a SW8FiQuEhZ


run Di2 road lever x Alfine 11 colabo if you want to spend lots of money

what about 2x1 or 3x1? that should be even lighter and simpler!

this isnt even that much money these days.

I will be honest and say I hate internal gear hubs more than most things but equal to a recumbent.
The whole simplicity thing is false advertising, ask your average punter/commuter super hero to change a flat with one and 95% will not have a clue and more people get flats then rear mech problems.

simplicity at it’s best:

P.S. off to fit one to a recumbent :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a rear flat on the cargo bike with hub gears and rather than working out how to get the wheel off I just half removed the tyre, found the flat, and patched it. I guess I’ll have to figure it out someday, but yolo.

Inclined to agree…why not just let your road bike be a road bike?