2011 Analog by NS Bikes - Limited stock

We’ve got the new 2011 NS Bikes Analog complete in stock - Pickup from Melbourne city (Carlton), or shipped Oz-wide for $45 via courier.

Fixed.org.au orders receive a Neverstop Pedalling tee & decals

More info Neverstop Pedalling - 2011 Analog Complete by NS Bikes - Ready to Ship

Fuck, I really want one of these.
Someone buy my fuji and my Koga miyata!

Super tuff frame/fork combo…
Had my 2010 setup for 6 month now…
No complaints…

What Fuji do you have?

A gold 2007 track pro frame and fork, custom paint by spray ya bike. I’ll sell it for $400, Which’d get me close to the analogue.

Large size frame