2012 Austral Wheelrace 17th March 6:30pm

Who’s going? Where are you sitting?

back straight, unreserved. always the best seats in the house.

what’s this i hear about you organizing a group buy?

Hahahaha I’ve got no cash but I’ll seeya in the back straight!

hey, speaking of… melbourne madison is this weekend. should totally go. i’ll be there.

I would but I’ll be in Mudgee.

I’m I the only one silly enough to be racing?

Madison or the Austral, Jear? I’m thinking about entering the Austral for a laugh.

both, but only the support races for the Sid Patterson GP - not the Maddison

do it. will rule.

OK. I’m in for the Austral. I’ll get spanked but will be good fun and I can say I raced in the worlds oldest track race.

Missed out on Madison entry, Jear. I’ll come down and watch though.

dude, it’s a handicap! there’s always a chance you could win!

precisely, that’s while I’ll be laying low over the next few weeks and chucking every race I’m in - well at least that’ll be my excuse!

fuck yeah guys thats rad, i’m comming to watch em all

also, enter bendigo. it’s two days of rad racing! two handicaps! and a world-class madison at the end! definitely my favourite carnival.

would’ve loved to do Bendigo but some mate of mine has decided to spend eternity with this girl and they’re having a party to celebrate… at least it’s in Noosa

holy shit, check out the melbourne madison start list! this weekend!

Sid Patterson Grand Prix Start List

ok, i dunno many of those names, but the fact that there is a large international presence makes me even more fucked off that i have been volunteered to babysit two 9mth old babies.


Bring them with you!

Tickets on the door for the Sid Patterson?

i did consider this, but one of them can be a cranky little fucker, so not sure if he’ll be too keen on the lights and noise. is brendan commentating, that could be a deal breaker?!! :wink:

benders this weekend. anyone heading up? i’ll be there to watch a bit of racing on saturday.