2012 Austral Wheelrace 17th March 6:30pm

My weekend away has been canned, which means I’m coming down to cheer on Solution Steve. Hells yeah!

hope you got a ticket - only standing room left!

Whoa, I’m on it.

Back straight, Unreserved. Purchased. Phew.

Only problem is I don’t have a printer, and also no longer have a job at an office with a printer. Can someone else who is going along print my ticket for me and I can meet you there and buy you a beer?

i sure can.

back straight unreserved is the best!

Woo hoo! Thanks Casey. Do you want to PM me with your email address and I’ll send through the PDF to print?

Yup looking fwd to this!

Don’t forget Jear and Ollie.

Jear are your parentals coming so we can see some more massively awkward moments as you sit down pretending they’re not there, only to have your mum ask for a kiss? Mine are. Solution Dad and Solution Mum will be in attendance. I’m going to tell them to find the group of lads and ladies being rowdy with the X’s tattooed on them.

Oh and my gf can’t make it as she’s been called in to work so I have a spare ticket for anyone who didn’t get one. Back straight is sold out now. Hit me up here or PM.

i love the solution parents! i’ll totally come find them.

HMC! This is your time to shine!

Edit: You know what else is fucking rad? 2012 is the first time there will be a women’s Austral!

pmed steve.

Gone, to the man with jawline that could woo Aphrodite…


I’m freaking excited!!!


steve - what would like us to chant when you come by? im sure we can get brendan to play choirmaster…

dont forget to bring snacks and refreshments… hydration is key for a good (heckling) performance.

Not that I’ve thought about it much, but how about this:

Hey! Ho! FYXO!
Brakeless 4 lyf!
Lock up your wife!
SteveZero’s on the go-oh!

Or just “Go Jared” is fine…

holy. freaking. shitballs

That was a joke, Rolly. Don’t have an embolism.