2012 Felt "F4130" steel road bike

For $3k you could get a sweet steel road bike in amazing condition and stick even sweeter modern parts on it.

And they’d be of decent quality.

I know it’s alloy, but fat-tubed Cannon-gnolo does me nicely.

And H has a pretty sweet Duarte-mano

Absolute turd…

this. i rate those jamises (? jami?)

what a fucking abortion.

That stem is very Velo orange but the Tim’s look a little like there’s aswell,
It is what pt cruisers/ new beetle are to the classic car market.

vomit, in fact i think 90% of felts are vomit, and this is the mosty vomity of all the vomit they have.

ahhhhh feels good
yep fuck trigger, those jamis are nice but if i was gona get a modern steel frame roadie i get a salsa any day!

brenno i think its like moose, 1 moose or 5 moose… right???

it’s obviously meese.

mr jinks always had a problem with the meese. common misconception about that cartoon…he and the mice were buddies.

You’re a man of fine taste Gene.