2012 World track champs

So i just booked tickets to melb i fly in thursday night and back home monday night.
Who is going?
Im thinking going sat/sun nights but also might go watch a mate surf in the bells classic.

what time thursday? i’m flying in thurs arvo,i got a wedding on saturday (all freakin day) and i’m flying out again sunday night, monday flights were stupid expensive, i could do friday night?

you taking a bike?

My brother and me are going to the Thursday & Friday day sessions

i believe both saturday and sunday nights are sold out. definitely saturday, anyways.

i also believe there’s already a thread in the melbourne section.

Brendan searched for it but to no avail,
I did think I had seen one
I’m going to go to Steven k Amos fri night I think,
I’ll check tickets tomorrow.
Yeah wife and I are taking bikes.

going to the fri/sat/sun evening sessions

bringing bikes

going vegan

yeah, i couldn’t find it either. carry on!

thursday night session.

Entries for the poster comp are up: 2012 UCI Track World Championships

Some are good…some are not so good…any FoA entries?

Kinda like this one:

^^ that one is quite nice.

I’m going to dob in user Pax for this one. Only because I think it’s pretty well done and worthy of some appreciation.

this rules:

Is it just me or does that remind anyone else of this:

I’m still in need of a ticket if any one has one for sat or Sunday,

kinda looks like the limited edition cranky sundays tshirt that iHx did a while back. but ryans was lot more ‘futuristic’…

he does have good taste.

As futuristic as this?

hey chaz, wanna do another flyer for this year’s keirin night? you could just change the date, and delete the “a grade”

Yeah no worries. It’s been a while since I’ve disgusted Sime with my ill-advised and hamfisted attempts at Graphic Design.

I like this too, but it’s too abstract to win. Ie would someone recognise the graphic as being related to cycling?

And we all know track is about holding your fucking line!!