2013 CX Nats - Bed/Couch/floor to spare?

So I’m toying with the idea of coming up to Sydney for the CX Nationals weekend and was wondering if anyone may have a spare bed/mattress/couch that they’d be willing to put me up for the weekend with? Happy to pay back with beer/ginger beer/bike mechanic services.

If anyone is able to help out let me know. I’d really appreciate it and it would save me sorting out a motel for 2 days.



Where are they held? (Do you have a link? I might ride the Nature Boy too).

Depending where it is I can lend you my couch/futon. Apartment is pretty spacious and will have to run it by the couple I live with but should be ok?

Dates and locations (for Sydney at east) are here.

Harry has also offered his abode so I guess I’ll see what’s gonna be closest/easiest as I have no idea where Terrey Hills is in regards to anything.

Appreciate the offer Drozzy, cheers!

One more offer for you - I’m not especially close to Terrey Hills, but have a spare room and will be driving up that weekend.

Drozzy - you have a Nature Boy? Rate it? I’m planning to build one up in a few weeks.

Terry Hills is in the middle of nowhere - essentially. You need a car to get there - or ride, or train & ride.

I will probably head up to watch as well. You’re more than welcome to stay with me, but I have 3 kids so it would be infinitely more fun with droz, lemons or etomatos.

Carn, there’s a caravan park nearby :wink:

Last year I got the train to Gordon Station and rode up Rosedale Rd / Lynbara Ave / Mona Vale Rd. Nice roads, though hilly.

This year I have a stationwagon and will be putting it to good use.

What, camping in the back with Andy onsite?? Problem solved, ya’ll can thank me later :wink:

Me and Ev just took a vote and decided that Lorday will be driving us there so we can drink and heckle to our hearts content.

I vote Rod picks me and andy up in the Delica of Doom (it has a name now).

etomato - Definitely rate it - haven’t raced on it but it’s a great feeling frame, obviously heavy, but pretty well perfect for my daily duties and superfluous bunny hopping and kerb jumping.

I bought it complete though, and slowly started swapping bits over, now have my Ambrosio wheelset and white industries freewheel on the rear which made a great difference to the ride, though I do plan on putting a hanger on it and running it 1x10 in the future.

This can (possibly) be arranged. Depends the whole family wants to come out to the race.

Lorday was going to ride, but can drive. I can even sink a few in moderation cause I got my full lisence now.

Ev’s gunna have buckets of fun in the golf.

Our little boy’s all growed up…

shotgun front seat

Y’all welcome to my megaphone when I’m racing… but I expect to hear quality heckling (of all racers).

I shall yell: WHAT’S THIS SLOWMOTION CRAP?! … As everyone rides by!

Thanks FOA friends. Accomm sorted. So stoked for this little endeavour. If you spy me at the races, don’t hesitate to come and say hey! I’ll no doubt be repping some FoA/Creux x DDCX.

Looks like there will be rain Sat morning… maybe we’ll get some mud!

This is good news! Hopefully it doesn’t turn too many people away. Mud is always more fun!