2013 Giro D'Italia

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Goss hits the front for GreenEdge in the Giro

Storm brews at Sky as two fight for lead

Basso out due to his pirineum or whatever its called?

Keen! Work productivity is about to drop like 60%!

This one might be alright. It’ll be cool to see Wiggins a bit out of his element.

Rujano out as well. What do these guys have in common…

Anyway, I am going to the last week, so if anyone is around there and wants to ride lots of hills and eat lots of pasta let me know.

I’m lucky enough to be in Italy when the Giro is on

I’m also stupid enough to have not worked it into the itinerary properly (let the Ms plan everything cause I was busy, only realized when it was too late)

I’ve got the first 1.5 weeks of the giro off work. Might have to watch me some stages.

do you ever work anymore??

After this week and a half I’m back into it full-time… :frowning:

Oohhh dear. Was about to sign myself up to a major corp/bank!

Time bonuses are back, which might be an advantage to riders who are not Bradley Wiggins.

Could also be an advantage to Wiggins - if he can win the individual TT stage he gets an additional 20 seconds on top of any margin… Given he won the Paris-Nice TT last year he has also shown he can win uphill TT’s, so that 20 seconds could become 40.

Yeah, my money is on Wiggins. He put more than 2 minutes into Nibali over 41km at last year’s Tour time trial. And we’ve got a 55km time trial here, plus a teams time trial, plus the 20km uphill time trial. I can’t see Nibali getting enough time in the mountains to cover his likely TT losses, even with the time bonuses.

It’s gonna be hella fun watching him try though!

No bonuses on TT stages, but he should take plenty of time against other GC contenders on the TT’s anyway

What I think we’ll see

  • wiggins tested in the mountains from lack of support
  • nothing from evans
  • an 8 man sprint train for cav

What I’d like to see

  • froome sitting at home torturing a wiggo voodoo doll while watching the mountain stages on telly
  • something from phinney
  • what happens in the team bus if cav gets isolated in a sprint finish again

^^^ Pretty much agreeing with this guy. I love you Cadel - please remind me why.

Just saw the final sprint of stage 1, Goss went way too early, maybe the crash stuffed up their plans. Did they know that Cav was there?
[Full On-Demand Broadcast of Stage 1 (2013/giro-d-italia)](stage 1 finish)

Cadel was OK at Trentino. I think he’ll be in the mix, maybe if he is still planning on the Tour as well he won’t go mega-deep.

Got no beef with Evans at all, just think he will lay low for most of the race.