2014-15 Shimano Ultegra & 5800: Hydro disc and mechanical 11sp shifting

Duvélo - Shimano 105 2014 / 2015

dammmmmmmmmn. Take that SRAM Hydro!

(XTR goes to eleven with 10-40/10-42 but keeps the current 10sp sized freehub also apparently?)

Won’t be replacing my 5600/5700 anytime soon. What is it with these 4-arm cranks?

I want hydro disc AND hydro shifting pls.

would you settle for pneumatic?

black hyrdo 11 speed 105. droool.

The 4 arm cranks came in a few years ago as shimano “found that stiffness was the same, but weight reduced”. Also, it helps to keep you locked to Shimano for all parts :slight_smile:

CX1 had me droolin’ at SRAM for first time evar… then this. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

Pretty convincing upgrade for thea average joe. Hate the four arm crank

never thought i’d say this… 105 actually looks good all of a sudden.

We Race Shimano - Press release: Shimano makes road hydraulic disc brakes available for mechanical shifting - 2014

Those cranks look almost exactly like the Ultegras.
How long until 105 is electrified?

Trickle down is working. Those brifters look reasonably small for hydro

Remember hydro setup adds another 200-300grams of weight. On 105 that’s getting quite porky, just sayin **apologies for uncontrollable WW comments

Compared to what? Road calipers?

Are hydros lighter overall than cable disks?

I googled a bit but nothing obvious came up, but you know all the WW details right H?

Weight weenieism is pathetic. There I said it.

This looks pretty good. 11spd 105 is something I wasn’t really expecting this soon. Looks a heap better now too. Curious to find out how much it’s going to cost the Aus market. Would definitely consider riding for sure.

Yeah, looks good. Had been keeping half an eye out for a used shimano/sram group to upgrade a tiagra caad9 I picked up recently. Reckon it might be worth just waiting for 5800, calipers with 28mm clearance is a plus also.

I guess that every single bit of every bike you’ve ever owned can trace part of its design back to someone wanting to make lighter and strong parts. I understand not needing to be on the crest of the lightness wave, but without it, we’d all be riding 20kg klunkers.

I reckon that with the ‘trickle-down’ tech, that prices are starting to ‘trickle-up’… Tiagra will soon be the new 105, i’m certain of it. Look at how many $1200-1500 ‘ride away’ carbon roadies are equipped with Tiagra.

One thing I actually want to try out is hydro rim brakes- SRAM Red offer this (well did until the recall). Would seriously consider trying these out. Also means you don’t need a new frame and fork.