2014 boty?

Any chance of reprising the annual FoA Reader’s Choice Bike of the Year?

Did we do 2013 or can I just not find it?

I was always a fan of keeping it fixed gear only, mainly because the roadies/X bikes/etc span numerous threads, but maybe the only entry criteria is a dedicated post in the Post Your Ride section.

I’m happy to run with it, but as I don’t have mod privileges there’s only so much I can do…and I don’t want mod privileges.



Nah lets not and I’ll be carry over champ again.

You’re a shoo-in for the best matt black roadie.

Me too, and I don’t even own a fixed bike.

But even so…

Best Cannondale.

me too.

but pinZo, you can totally run it. all you gotta do is start a thread then count the votes.

if jolan can do it, anybody can!

I thought we were mates.

He’s done you a favour. In time you’ll see that.

Alright, I’ll kick it off in a bit.

Looking forward to this
Also, no FOA Show & Shine this year?

Track pursuits only :wink:

Rolly was injured.

Get voting! http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f8/readers-choice-awards-aka-bike-year-2014-a-33336/

need to fix a few 2012 into 2014 linzo.

^ Thanks, I got bored halfway down.