2014 road nats

So this Sunday it’s all happening is any one else headed up to watch?

Just wondering how it is for parking and how far it is to the hill and logistics up there.

me, brenno & koc will be there. parking is easy on the hill, just get there early enough so it’s not closed off. take a bike, do a lap, get a feeeeeeel for the course.


cya there daynegerous. xo


I think there’s a shuttle bus that runs from the finish line area in town up to the big screen on the hill, to save you the walk.

I checked out the crit in Ballarat last night. Managed to score a VIP pass and had a prime spot on a balcony just before the finish line, with free beer too! Steele von Hoff smashed them in the sprint. He had a perfect spot in the last few laps, tucked in around 6th wheel behind the Drapac and Avanti (Genesis) trains. But he must have killed them around the last corner, as by the time we could see him in the finishing straight with 200m to go he was miles clear.

I think I’ve got another VIP pass for Sunday, and was promised a lap in the commisaire’s car but that might have just been drunken talk last night. Either way, birthday beers on the hill will be had.

Wow, what a final lap, what a final 4. I sort of feel privileged to be watching this.

what a finish!

Yep, that last lap was bloody great. Talk about cream of the crop…

Fuckin mental. I wish Cadel had won.

watchin gerro hit it & cadel jump & chase on the last lap, no more than 5m from where I was on the hill, was fkn sweet.

It looked great on sbs, good coverage.
Great finish, would have have liked Cadel to win, but not disappointed with the result.

+1 on cadel, but overall not entirely disappointed.

The best thing as usual was the shit talked on the hill, many world problems were solved.
Good to catch up with every one.

Ultimately I am happy with the overall result as well. Any of those four would give the jersey great exposure over the course of the season.

It’s been a great few days but today was fantastic. Plenty warm , plenty beer. Crits Thursday were great as well. Perfect weather and walking distance from the wine bar for inter race beers!

Good hangs on the hill.

Would have been nice to come! next year!

Just look at the results: Jesus! 183km @ 38.8 km/h

Weather was superb, so was the racing.

Listening to an interview with Cadel after the race he said that he “just didn’t have the legs” to match Gerro in the end. Sort of implying that if he expended too much energy in that initial breakway. I thought it was a bizarre comment, I mean, even with fresh legs he could never beat Gerrans in a flat sprint. At a La Flèche Wallonne or Mur de Bretagne type finish - sure, but never on the flat.

But hey, maybe this means he’s back to his best, full of self-confidence and bizarre comments.

I didn’t really read it like that, more like he knew Gerro was gonna get him if it came down to a sprint. He said somewhere else that he would’ve had to go a lot earlier to get clear for the win. Maybe he meant he didn’t have the legs to go earlier?

I like seeing Cadel’s post-race interviews. He’s not polished, just says whatever pops into his tired and adrenalin-charged brain. Gerro is all thanking sponsors, smiling for cameras and saying the right thing, which is good for the team media profile but a lot less interesting for the viewer.

fantastic day out, will be back next year for sure.