2014 WorldTour thread.

That time of year again. The season kicks off with the TDU this Sunday!
It will be exciting to see Renshaw, Kittel, and Greipel going at it. Hopefully Hansen can take a stage this year.

Here’s a good list of what the teams are riding for this season courtesy of inrng : 2014 pro team bikes
with great news for Movistar as they no longer have to ride a Dogma.

Disappointingly Cancellara will once again be on board a Trek and dressed as though he’s attending a high school formal.

Who’s looking forward to what?

Curious to see how Caleb Ewan goes in the TDU.

Thomas Voeckler, ooof. Only got here this morning and has already busted his collarbone!

http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/neri-sottoli-unveils-yellow-fluo-look - ultimate dayglo steez.

Caleb’s a good chance at first stage crit and the hill top finish he is talented beyond his years

I’m really looking forward to the Giro this year, maybe more than the Tour. That said I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Green jersey plays out this year and who might be able to challenge Sagan.

Man, this is scary; “I thought I was going to die” — Will Walker retires from pro cycling | Cycling Tips

Would have loved to have seen Will Walker back at pro level. He must be insanely talented.

Also looking forward to the Giro more than the Tour. Cuddles against Porte against Rodriguez against Quintana (hopefully).

I saw the ambulance at the race that took him away, I thought maybe a reccurance of his heart issue, but man that shit would have been terrifying!

I’m not gonnna name numbers, but I’ve heard rumours about the amount of k’s he was doing before school as a junior.

Or the funeral of Schlek’s career

Yup^ Dude was insane.

Since Will’s very quick departure, the question is already being asked about kids like Caleb. The season hasn’t even started and he’s already smashed how many races? Now a UCI world tour race and still a full season in Europe running through the course of this year. Also just because your going fast now, does not mean you’ll go any good later in the year.

I don’t get this. Will Walker had a serious congenital heart condition, it is separate as to the workload that pro cyclists do. One of my friends who once raced for the Netherlands (easily the strongest person I have ridden with) had the same condition. He has also just quit for the same reason after he flatlined on the way to hospital after a race. It had nothing to do with his workload but was just a matter of time.

Pros are supposed to have to have a number of heart scans and health checks to catch things like this, the issue is that while one person with a condition may be fine for their entire career, another may have a serious episode like Will Walker has just had.

+1 on the giro. Going to try to get to the Stelvio stage after going last year when it snowed over.

Yeah wasn’t trying to necessary trying to couple them together but smashed typed that whilst scoffing lunch. More on the note of fatigue etc etc… and over working young athletes way to early. Not just cycling related as well and yes I know there are support staff, testing etc and all that jazz but its happened before plenty of times in other sports.

Looking forward to watching this guy shred this year.

his VO2 is apparently 94, which is the highest ever recorded at the AIS. that’s some fucking natural ability alright.

I’m also looking forward to the Giro. I’m really happy for Porte, and he seems like a good guy. It’s good to see other Aussies are getting a go, especially as team leader. But I hope Cadel buries every body.


^I love it when you get to see videos made by the pros. Niki Terpstra’s channel is also good value guys:


we have our club TT on that road… those guys are fucking moving

BMC Racing announces it has signed 2008 Olympic champion Samuel Sánchez.

I heard Horner has signed to lampre

Good that Sanchez has landed on his feet - BMC probably found themselves with some surplus cash after they sacked Ballan.