2015 World Tour thread

i couldn’t find a 2015 world tour thread…?

who’s gonna win today?

also, when did channel 9 get the coverage rights? no sbs?!

So that’s where it is. No wonder the SBS site is conspicuously silent on the broadcast times.

So we’re going to have to put up with an ex-cricketer or an ex-footballer talking to all his mates? I expect they will try too hard to explain everything to the average punter and dumb it down. Then again, Liggett has always avoided tying himself to any one network so maybe he’ll show up.

so we’ll have Liggett dumbing things down for the average punter…?

Cycling is not as good as cricket but at least draws are not actively sought after. Sunglasses choice also similar

fuck that playing for a draw bullshit.


cross country skiing evidently works.

Cadeb Ewans went too early.

Haussler dropped his chain in the finale - Australian National Championships - Heinrich Haussler on Vimeo

For those who missed the news… Ch9 has the rights for CA main events (road nats, mtb nats and track nats plus NRS).
SBS has the classics and grand tours
Ch7 decided they didnt want to miss so they have cadels race.

as was seen on the weekend its entirely at nines discretion what they show and when (highlights packages at midnight?) i mean its not like the womens race had a was exciting and had a sprint finish or anything… apparently GEM had a lovely film for the 60s showing instead of the womens race.

i would expect that the mens RR and TDU will be the only things shown live. everything else will be highlights… NRS is a maybe for highlights (it’ll likely depend on how much vision the organisers provide vs 9 providing a team for it).

the plus apparently is that SBS can now commit to more live coverage of the giro/vuelta as they have money freed up.

cue a couple of years and it’ll be back with SBS (this has happened a few times before).

just watched the race, recorded it as I was out yesterday letting trigger get me very drunk (today’s been greeeaaat).

not too bad when you can fast forward the ads, but it did seem like there were a lot of them.

haussler, not fkn bad. don’t think Ewan expected that. haussler swears in post race interview. haha brilliant.

saw a coupla familiar faces, I think Mark O’Brien is on FOA somewhere…?

Tessa getting 4th in the women’s race too, that’s mental considering how new she is to the whole thing.

Can’t believe you FF’d through the Rollie eggmaster!

haha I actually watched it once coz of the text you sent me yesterday.

what a fkn horrible looking product.

Just imagine how popular you would be cooking eggs at your desk at work.

Is there a USB option?

“Why not make a bacon and egg rollie”


I imagine, quite popular.

Great dropped chain shot on CT:

And apparently he didn’t even realise it was dropped.

I have always loved Haussler and I am really stoked for him. His legs look real good too.

Hello folks,

Let’s talk 2015 World Tour!

Here’s a link to Inrng’s 2015 pro-team summary of who’s riding what.
inrng : 2015 pro team bikes

There’s also a new points system in place. Thanks again Mr Inrng for summarising that for us.
inrng : new uci points system for 2015

I felt sorry for Garmin-Cannondale having to ride this…

…until I remembered they used to have to ride Cervelo’s. Which is worse?

As usual Canyon leading the way with one of the hottest bikes in the peloton for 2015:

The graphics on Kittel’s Propel look a little busy.

The team with the best hair in pro cycling now has a German Shampoo sponsor. You couldn’t ask for a better outcome.

Cofidis have dropped LOOK as their sponsor :confused: :frowning: and now have Orbea’s.