2022 Pro Road Racing!

Needs a new thread.

Brunswick’s own Luke Plapp taking the nationals jersey in superb form. Insane sensations, and defs the best looking kit combo since Haus won it in 2015. Everything is just perfect in this video:

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are you on insta james?!

fuck no, just peeped it online.

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You gotta get on Strava to get a glimpse into the private life of Jamesy.


SBS have dropped McEwen

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It’s a shame, I like Robbie.

He seems pretty chill about it

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wonder if it’s coz he & bridie seemed to always be nipping at each other over minor disagreements…?


Robbie is excellent as a commentator, so it’s a big loss. Curious to know what happens for Le Tour given he and Keeno do the World feed.

I liked the Keenan/Robbie combo, maybe even a little more with Bridie on board recently. I wonder who they will replace him with, if at all? The Keenan/Bridie (and occasional Kate Bates) just doesn’t seem to have the insight or the same appeal, but that could come in time with exposure and time together. Maybe that’s just my racing history fan angle and someone more recent might work, who knows?

Back on topic, I see Valterri Bottas and Tiff Cromwell were recently in Wollongong riding the world champs climb on Mt. Keira. So close to home, definitely going to go down to watch someplace road-side.

I’ve got some viewing penciled in as well.

He indicated not happening in response to a question on T.

According to am eminent race promoter down here “bigger winning margin than when he won Hell of the West” which is important to Jamesy sinc that was the scene of his most iconic race moment…

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Holy shit how about that gravel race.

Pogacar - greatest cyclist of our generation. Manages to finish 4th in a two-up sprint. Yewwwww!


MvdP hit 1400 watts trying to hold P’s wheel on the final climb. After 270km. lol.

Nobody seems to give Froome a chance this year. Too old? He’s barely 37, in the prime of youth.

its not his age its that his right leg doesnt work.

and he needs that.