3.5 weeks in tassie!! Your top tips??

Hello Taswegians (and, yknow, anyone else that’s been)!

I’ve got 3.5 weeks in Tassie arriving November 25th. Hardly planned anything apart from stopping first thing at my stepbrothers place in Penguin.

I then plan on continuing down the west coast around to Hobart, then heading north again along the east coast.

I will have my 4wd & want to camp as much as possible.

Hit me up with ‘must see’ spots/walks/drives & lesser known radness!! Keep in mind I have 3.5 weeks, so places to sit & read a book etc also very helpful.

Thanks in advance!


Make sure you get to the Lake Manyara National Park.

…oh wait, that’s in Tanzania. Carry on.

Go to Blakey’s place, sit and read a book.

Go to the gordon dam just so you can say you’ve been there, the drive there is quite good.
Also, road B28 b/w West Coast & Tullah.
And stop at every micro brewery you can.

The Weldborough pub is pretty good. Heaps of cool tassie beers, food’s good and camping was like $5 from memory. Nice to have a shower to use after a fair bit of camping. The 4wding around there is meant to be good and they’ve been building a whole bunch of mtb trails just down the road at Derby.

Rad, I’m heading down in January with friends/girlfriend in the truck for some camping goodness. Keeping an eye on this thread

Loved the west coast, from Stanley down to Strahan.

Go to Strahan and cruise the river. See the penguins at Bicheno (much better than Phillip Island).

Breweries: Seven Sheds at Railton, Ironhouse near Bicheno, Two Metre Tall near Hobart (only open occasionally), Cascade near Hobart (Australia’s oldest continuously operating brewery - worth a look I reckon), Boags in Launceston (tour used to be pretty good) Moo Brew at Mona near Hobart (also good if you like art) and for craft beer venues try the Winston in Hobart or Saint John in Launceston - or the Weldborough as above.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on the West Coast, but there is a Gordon River cruise which is good and there’s a tour out to the old penitentiary island which was excellent. Buy something made of Huon Pine.

Salamanca Market in Hobart is worth a look on Saturday mornings, as is the Harvest Market in Launceston also on Saturday Mornings.

I’m not much of a wine drinker, but Josef Chromy’s is in a fantastic setting at Relbia, north of Launceston, and you can sip your wine knowing that I got married there.

There’s a bunch of distilleries I’ve heard good things about: http://taswhiskytrail.com/

Opossum Bay (if you’re riding), Myrtle Forrest just outside Hobart, Bruny Island, Cradle Mountain, Mount Field is good too.

How good would an FOA whiskey trail campout week be.

shut up and take my money

Do you have a MTB rolly?


will take my roadie or ask incompletestreets nicely if she’d like to lend me her cx bike…

I hear Launceston is nice.

^ If you do find yourself in Launceston, a walk up the Cataract Gorge is an excellent use of your time.

this is all great stuff, thanks!!

keep it coming :slight_smile:

Riding up Mt Wellington is good. I found it tough (felt the worst I’ve ever felt on the bike on that climb) but it was still bags of fun, great views and a fast descent.

Walls of Jerusalem. Can be done as day walk. 3.5 hours each way.

Walls of Jerusalem at about 3:00