4.4kg crumpet

This thing is shit hot except for the group, it needs campy.
i want
Crumpton Ultra Light Road Bike 4 4kg Total Weight | eBay

I think I was reading a while back they got that bike sub 4kgs. Something crazy like 3.7kg

But how many bunny hops could you do before it breaks?

had DT friction shifters at least this has brifters.

Still struggling to see the appeal of bikes this light. Just do a big shit before you go for a ride, ey.

old news! Plus AX stuff is known to brake, I wouldn’t buy it!

Don’t you all remember the extensive research sugarkane did a few years back and came to the conclusion that the optimum weight for a bike is exactly whatever his bike weighs? Everything else is either impractical or too heavy.

Yeh, I remember that. Those were some fucken good times, ey? All that weight weenie shit? Fucken good times ey.

got confused with brompton, was expecting weight weenie folding bike…

Got confused with crumpets, was expecting delicious toasted snack…

Got confused with krumping, was expecting some terrible dancing.

got confused

You all be tripping,

I would rather have 4.4kg of Crumpets.

Now we’re talking. Seriously, if you haven’t had a nicely toasted crumpet dripping with butter and honey for a while, do it.

speaking of tasty anyone watch Heston feast last night on SMS worlds biggest Icecream cone made out of waffles…

How big would a single 4.4kg crumpet be?

^ Based on a Golden Crumpet six pack being 300g, makes one crumpet 50g, it would take 88 crumpets to weigh 4.4kg. As the diameter of a crumpet is 93mm, the area of one crumpet is 2162.25mm. Multiply that by 88 would make a 4.4kg crumpet a bit over 872mm in diameter.

my calculations gave me approx 82 cm in diameter

but that is way different to P!N20’s !

I used wikipedia’s 8cm figure and a weight watcher’s website’s figure of 40g per crumpet.

plus terrible terrible mathematics