54cm Michalo Roadie - Vintage and in excellent condition!

Vintage MICHALO steel rare retro Tasmanian road bicycle 54cm Tange Sugino Sachs | eBay

Selling this sucker. Get involved, it’s an awesome bike!

Another one for the collection, sweet!

Damn, Thats a nice bike. Pity it doesn’t still have the Sachs Huret RD, but I guess you could track one down. Erle, are you on this?

Depends how badly you want it;)

Nah bro, Its yours. All bike projects are on hold until I find a new job. :frowning:
Get it, and when I have some dough I’ll buy it off you (with interest!) :wink:

Haha this might work!

Whatever you do, just bid heaps. Haha.

I’ve got my eye on other prizes. As sekt said, bid hard!

This finishes tomorrow!

Anyone get this?

Won by a local Hobart guy.