600km in 24 hour route options?

It’s been on my mind to try something like this for the last 12 months, I actually meant to attempt it this year but life stuff got in the way so I’m now thinking it’ll happen in the new year.
One of the better options seems to be northern highway to Echuca then cobb highway until the 300km mark then turn around. I’d be keen to hear on what other think in terms of route options.

Things that have been on my mind when looking for routes are:

The need for a road shoulder especially when riding through the ungodly night hours.

Route needs to be relatively flat to keep a decent av speed and make the goal achievable.

Riding through a lot of towns for water refills during the warm weather seems like a good idea.

Sooooo yeah… Have you done anything similar? Any ideas? Tips?

Thank you FOA family!

I have never done anything of that distance on the road but I have done 260km+ days of mixed surface brevet racing (40% off-road and singletrack, with steep walking ascents). My guess is that this would probably equate to a 400km day on the road… ? A 600km day means 20 hours at a 30kms average speed (which blows my mind TBH).

What I would say is that I wouldn’t worry about not having any climbing; in fact a bit of variety might actually make it easier— avoid backaches strains etc. Obviously no big peaks but some elevation change will have you changing your riding position and keep you alert, also descents give you a chance to stretch and rest.

Over here in New Zealand the NZ Randonneurs do the Lake Taupo circuit as a Maxi Enduro (640km). Each 156km lap has a total ascent of 1100m which seems like a good amount across that distance. And as its a circuit you won’t find yourself into a head or cross wind for 3 hours straight etc.

I would get in touch with Audax Australia or NZ Randonneurs as they will be able to put you in touch with some experienced long distance racers.

I guess as you’re in Melbourne, Jesse Carlson would be a good person to speak to.

Have a look at the Audax Oppy: Fleche Opperman
There’s a bunch of articles about the last couple of years where teams have hit some big numbers.

As noted by Dice, 600km in a day is bloody huge.

Northcote velodrome?

2x around the bay with a little extra each lap, does the ferry ride ruin it?

Probably doesn’t have much shoulder, but going up and back along the Great Alpine Road would net you close to 600kms. Wangaratta to Bairnsdale, maybe 4,000 vert or so.

Definitely doesn’t have to be dead flat just not tonnes of climbing to slow stuff down too much. I don’t think 30km/h average is too crazy. So easily doable on 200-250km rides without even pushing myself… 600km is a whole different thing though so who knows how that’ll go. Good advice about getting in touch with Jesse Carlson.

It’s definitely not nothing.

Couldn’t think of anything worse hey, definitely still want to ride on roads.

Definitely slows things down a bit, probably need most of the 24 hours to make the distance. I also reckon if you stop for too long it’d be hard to get the legs going again.

Will investigate this route.

I agree that you want some hills and stuff to break it up but this route has some loooong climbs in it. Omeo to Hotham would be around 3-4 hours of mostly climbing and Harrietville to Hotham is 1600m of climbing in only 30km.

Edit: That being said, it’d be hard to pick a more picturesque route.

Ohhhh yeah going over hotham would slow things down way too much. Probably find something flatter.

Melbourne-Grampians loop?

Stay South on the way out, ride thru the Grampians from the south, then Bendigo and back roads on the way back.

Plenty of towns and some 24hr servos.

^ that would be pretty good I reckon.

Yeah that could be a good route, will look in to it a little more.

Mate of mine did a 500km loop last year. Melb - Geelong - Ballarat -Maryborough - Bendigo - Melbourne https://www.strava.com/activities/289441170


Frankston and back, again and again and again

Living the dream

And again!!

fuck, imagine riding to Sorrento & back three times in one go. lolz.