80th Anniv Colnago

C59 Ottanta | Colnago

fml… i like… how much would that go for?

" ‘made in Italy’ "

Does this mean made in Italy, or “made in Italy”?

does it come in steel?
where’s the panto’d group?

I’ll look out for them at the local cafe’s where they spend more time being discussed than ridden.

Still using rigid lug construction!! Colnago are so far behind it’s not even funny. Oh and it’s F’n UGLY!!

More than your house is worth

How much were those Master 55s worth the other year, about $14k I think? So, more than that!

This is so ugly, what’s the deal?!

call me biased, but you’re an idiot. ride one and say they are behind anything.

Through to Healy.

This is just plain but ugly imho but i do like the all black c59,
I saw a white c59 #1/59 today with three frame cracks not happy.
But im sure every manufacturer has had cracked frames.

if this is the case