83/84 Malvern Star Sprint 1

This bike was holed up in my gran’s garage for about a decade. I wanted it to be a cheapish conversion, but like most toys, it didn’t turn out that cheap in the end!

This is what it looked like before:

And this is it after many weeks shopping in EvilBay:

I’m happy to list my specs if anyone’s interested… I’m hoping to get some leather to match the honey Brooks soon… even though nekid bars look great…

So far, I’ve done two metric centuries on it and I’m loving it! I’m planning on doing ATB again this year (100kms)…

nice touch on the decal!

Brooks do make the matching bar tape for about a billion dollars.

Yeh, FTS. I’m not paying $90 for some perforated bulls scrotum… I bought some Elkhide from Velo Orange (which feel great), but they’re more yellow than brown honey… and I’m finicky enough to not want to use it…