A Cricket thread

Game over, we needed to bat out the first session and lose maybe 1 wicket…
Thanks for the memories Punter!

Yep, we’re boned. Only 500 more runs!

RSA deserved winners. Who will get the call up to replace punter?

Usman Khawaja? He’s been going well lately

Usman Khawaja | Australia Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials | ESPN Cricinfo

+1 on Khawaja, he is in form.

I’d love to see that happen. A lot riding on his performance in the chairmans XI.

Although he is making runs, it hurts my eyes watching Phil Hughes hang his bat out at that odd angle.

Quiney has blown it for the time being.

Quiney, Hughes, Khawaja or long shot of Doolan.

They need to have a good look at Watson at no3 as well.

Do not agree with this. Khawaja and Hughes have had chances and have continued to blow them. Quiney has been pretty unlucky thus far and has a truckload of runs behind him. Sounds strange, but IMO a selector should prefer someone to get a pair than 2 innings of 15-20, then getting set and going out on a rash shot. Anyone can fail, it doesn’t mean there is a flaw in their technique or mental resolve. That’s why so many of the good bats are binary, they either completely fail or go on to make big runs.

For me it should be Quiney at 3, Clarke at 4 and Watson at 5.

And, as a left arm quick, I was glad to see Starc in the wickets. Given that Cummins will be forever wrapped in plastic, a Siddle, Pattinson, Starc combination could be very strong.

Anyone else watch the big bash tonight??
For those who missed it, Warnie almost had a bat wrapped around his head by Marlon Samuels. This was after he dropped the f-bomb live on air. I’m sure foxsports loved that.

Channel 9 has been showing highlights this morning.
Samuels seems to be set up as the bad guy of the BBL.
Warne is just Warne, or at least a wax copy of Warne.

they were both out of line. can’t help but think there was some theatre involved

I’d love to love cricket but for some reason I just can’t get into it.

How bad was that ball to the face of that batsman last night however!!! The bowler had curly hair with highlights!

^ way to kill a thread Az!

i don’t have foxtel, but I did see facebook light up after warnies incident.
what actually happened?

Forgot there was a game of cricket on today. Just checked the score.

Australia 7/37 in the 15th over.


9/40, yep crazy

what will they put on for entertainment when the match is over and all the workers head to the cricket??

Some A class selecting coming back to bite.

I look forward to watching more episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Ch 9 when I get home.

Lolz … I think it’s great.
I wonder if Sri Lanka can send them in to bat again even though it’s a one day game.

This shit happens. I’d remind them that the sucked and pick the same team knowing they’d turn around the bad day.

Starc just got double figures (the only Aussie to do so). extra lolz