A 'Reasonably' priced Red Visp

Fixed Gear Track Bike Custom Built Deep V NEW | eBay

US$3999 only! Bargain since he built it up for over $4500

Well it does have Brooks bar tape and corks!

The mind boggles. How exactly could he have spent $4500 on that?

“the overall colour scheme of this bike is really cool, classy and individualized, i got a lot of compliments the couple times i went out riding it.”

Someone shouting “hey lance, nice bike!”? Sarchasm.

‘Listing has ended’ does that mean that someone paid 4k for this hunk hand built awesomeness??

the only 2 offers on it were ‘expired’.

the seller has an 87.5% feedback rating… that may as well be 0% on ebay!

oops he added an extra zero on the end , or…more likely $4hunj on the bike and 4thousand 1hunj on crack that he smoked before listing it.