A swede is coming to Sydney


I’m coming to Sydney (Newtown) in March and want to buy a fixie for some nice rides. I got a Eightinch Scrambler that I have to leave behind so I have to get another one.

So where to look and where to go…?

My budget is about 500-700 aussie dollars…

Be happy for some guidens…

All the best!

I didn’t know anything about eighthinch until I saw your post and googled. They look cool.

For under $700 you can’t go wrong with a Fuji. There are also some good deals going on the Trek Earl. You could get one of those for about $500.

But maybe your first stop should be BikeExchange.com.au. Just select select your are, price range and type of bike.

Cellbikes are at camperdown which is pretty close to Newtown. They have their own brand of fixie you might like to try out.

Cell Bikes or consult the “New Buyers Guide” thread. Both will have what you are after.