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Geez! Are you riding to them all in order?

Hahaha, what the fuck.

I have two weeks leave. I think the Bonner-Bonython section is the longest single trip. Banks, the Southernmost, is done with, as is Beard, the Easternmost.

You know there’s good riding outside:stuck_out_tongue: the suburbs, right?

One doesn’t want to stray too far from a warm cafe, at this time of year.

This is excellent.




Weather looks good tomorrow to round out the Bs, Bonython, Braddon, Bruce. I think the shortest distance between two points was actually the first two - Acton to Ainslie at just over 4km. Weston to Wright a close second at 4.5km.

  • Joel

Again… This is excellent. Such a good idea.

Join for a stretch? Especially if you can hook us up with mad shortcuts south of the lake. I may as well be in Belarus down there.

I like this slightly mad project.

Took me a while to find it but a guy in Wellington tried to ride every road in his suburb in one day.