Adelaide CX

This thread is for all things related to Adelaide CX. Feel free to post relevant information in here.

Next race is Round 1 of the Focus Crossfire Cup on April 25th (Anzac Day). More details will be available soon on PACC CYCLOCROSS. The event dates are here.

Does posting my excitement count as relevant information?

Does anyone have info regarding registration. Do we need to be a current member of a club, cycling australia membership etc. or is it just registration through PACC?

You can get a three race permit from PACC for ~$40. If you decide to get a full race licence through PACC, this $40 will be deducted off the total price. You should be able to email Gemma on the PACC site for more info.

Cx is zen.


Dates for the series are now up at PACC CYCLOCROSS.

For those that don’t wanna click:

April 25th (Anzac Day)
May 19th
June (Queen’s Birthday long weekend) NATIONAL CX SERIES
7th July
3rd August

Yeah! We shit graphic design pioneers.

First cyclocross race today was looking for someone to beat. Who was rocking the mash kit? I was jealous so it was them.

OMG. Did you beat JLN!?

I don’t know it was confusing.

Everyone beat me, except for some guy who was about 70 on a Colnago.

I’ve just added cyclocross to the list of “things I can do, but I’m not very good at”. It’s up there with skateboarding.

And yeah, that was me in the Mash kit.

Welcome to the club. :slight_smile:

I really really want some MASH kit I just can’t bring myself to pay that abhorrent postage fee.

Today was fun as hell though!

You still in B grade Zoltan?

I’ve been sick & got up at 10:30. Guess C grade was done by then.

Yeah, in B’s.

You could’ve still raced, registration opened at 11. B’s didn’t start til about 12.45.

I’ve only got until the June race to get my fitness up.


you’re 83% more likely to get beer/food/FUIC hand-ups when dressed inappropriately, as well as sweet prizes.