Adelaide Food

I’m living back in Adelaide and love rad food places so need good recommendations.
I’m thinking if other people like rad food, or want to point out crap food, we could pool our knowledge into a mad food guide…

I’ll start with an obvious one - Laksa (no sprouts, extra hot) from Asian Gourmet in the Central Markets. World beater. Living in Melbourne, you still hear it being talked about there as the best. And cheap.

Things I want to know:
-where can you get a decent ramen?
-best yiros?
-best banh mi?
-best high end?
-best day cafe? Loose Caboose (Brompton) for me - great diverse menu but all done well, friendly staff, cool place. Bar 9 (Parkside) pretty solid but kinda shitty service and no outdoor area.
-has anyone been to parwana?

Bahn Mi - Hangs bakery on Henley beach road in torrensville is my local, cheap and delicious.
Adelaide Pho on waymouth street is pretty awesome too.
Devour Cafe is a good day cafe, they open as a dessert bar at night, located in Cowandilla near the West Torrens Library.
Auge is a good top end restaurant, good modern italian food which changes every season.

Parwana is cool, quite subtle flavours and great hospitality…unlicenced but ‘reasonably’ sure you can BYO if you like??? I’ve never bothered though.
I just had a charcoal grill yiros from Yiannis on Hindley west. Good smoky flavours, they do pork as well. standard ‘salad’, bread was a little stale/not toasted. other than that it rated well.

Adelaide Pho is real good. Haven’t been there for ages though. Their laksa is pretty hot.

Ajisens on Leigh Street do a pretty good ramen and bento boxes.

I usually get coffee from Argo on the Square, but it’s so hit and miss (but it’s at the bottom of work, so convenience > really good).

Pizza from Melt on Waymouth is pretty good , but can be $$$$.

There’s also Parwana on Ebenezer opposite Treadly.

Oh and in regards to burgers, I’d go…

Grill’d (on the Parade) > Fancy Burger (on Synagogue Place) > Nord > Burger Theory > Burger Foundry (although the last two are pretty much equal).

And you can’t beat the Exeter curry nights.

Best Yiros- Savvas on unley
Best banh mi- Sunflower on Prospect Rd

The one thing I miss is BBC (broad bean with Chinese chutney (actually made with soya beans)) This is a truly South Australian dish form what I can read on the interwebz and a must whenever I head back to Rads.

Ying Chows is the best chinese restaurant ever.

+1 for Savvas

Burger Republic on King William Rd - Hyde Park.

I thought Grill’d was a chain burger joint & average at best - have avoided.

Peel St. is off the hook, fresh, new, tready but not hipster menu.

I rate Burger Theory & Nord about the same. Foundry was very disappointing.

And Relish’d at Glenelg. Owned by friends of friends - no beers :frowning:

Burgastronomy in Nth Adl does rate - plus good craft beers

Wife tells me there is a burger joint at Mawson Lakes. Will try next week.

Another top laksa in china town is china town cafe, always good.

My local banh mi/VDR is rollin’ saigon, goodwood road, best I’ve had and I’ve tried plenty.

Back up JLN on melt, never had a bad night there and the drinks list is awesome, but yeah be in for some cash. Other solid venues are matsuri on gouger for japanese, chefs of tandoori on unley road for indian and mesa lunga/sangria bar for spanish and drinks.

Fave burgers is burger republic on king william road in unley, the place is bloody good and serves decent local beer too. But there seems to be a new burger place on every corner so theres plenty of good places.

Pizza from The Deli, eaten in the beer garden of the Wheaty /thread

Yeah, Grill’d is a franchise, but I rate their burgers over the other places I’ve tried. I don’t like my burgers too greasy.

And yeah, China Town Cafe is good for laksa. Wasai just off Gouger St is pretty good Japanese as well.

^ +1… was surprised with grill’d, being a franchise and all

I had burger theory today. I reckon it’s hella tasty if not a bit small.
Not a big grilld fan. I’ve been through several years of movember (you get them for free if you have a mo during this in melb) so I’ve had my fair share. but yeah, agree with larfin on that one.
Foundry on magill was shite. Republic on king will rd is pretty alright. ace chips there.
Yet to try nordburger despite it being my local.

def have to try rollin saigon.

anyone been up to lobethal bierhaus? heard it was good so riding there this sunday to check it out

Grill’d is only new here, so once the excitement wears off, I’ll probably be over it.

Only had the beer at the Bierhaus.

Was at the Bierhaus for lunch on Sunday with UK family.
Never had a bad meal. Check my 'gram for pic of double cooked pig belly in Tempura batter. Was awesome.
I used to work on my parents farm near Lobethal & have been there a lot.
Never had a bad meal.

Growlers rock…

Zoltan, you forgot Maki Maki…

I’ve gone off Maki Maki. We had it too much. Their deep fried chicken curry is pretty good though.

Jack Ruby is good for burgers too, decent beer selection, they seem to change their kegs every couple of weeks

I am going to second Hang Bakery on Henley Beach Road for Banh Mi. They also do a tank loaf that makes really good toast for those that like white bread.

Burgastronomy is a cracking feed. My neighbour is a bit of a burger connoisseur and reckons there is a burger at Jack Ruby’s that is better than Burgastronomy - something about aged beef. He reckons if he could add the Burgastronomy pickles it would be a 10/10.

Tried Nordburger. A+ would recommend for sure. Bigger than burger theory, juicier and tastier than others. Pretty cheap. Good hot dogs too.

Also went to jack rubys pre-footy on friday. fuck me that place is expensive. $8 for the cheapest schooner??? ~$18 for the tiniest ruben sandwich in the world. ouch. $8 for a single taco (they were good but still)???

Found decent banh mi and pho on the parade hidden in the parade pavillion near the oval. Cafe saba.

Also a choad-like kransky at fishermans wharf was pretty mad…