advantage of track drops over road drops

Thinking about switching, so far purely because I think they look better. Convince me they are better!

they are better if you break your bars a lot or if you need to get your front end lower otherwise they are fucking shit

Shit in general? Or compared to Road Drops. I’m effectively a total fixie newbie and would be cool to get some advice off someone who won’t make money off me.

I have track drops because they look hot. A track bike with rizors or a set of road drops is pretty much a hybrid and that’s an abomination… Riding sweet fixies on the street is pretty much a whole bunch of compromises that you have to learn to deal with, get track drops and deal with it… At least your sweet fixie will look shit hot :wink:

for a track bike or a road bike? The track drop is lower in the drop for getting low on the front, and bends forward early to give room for your forearms out of the saddle for sprinting on the track. They are also stiffer for track beasts.

There are some road bars that have a track style bend but with a slightly shallower drop, I have gimondi bend road bars that do just that as i like the extra room for the arms on the roadie.

edit: what kayne said, it is all about compromise to look cool

Get some ergo road drops, that’s what everyone #fixiefamous is running these days, and it looks rad.

The other day I got some Flat Pedals and Hold-fasts. I once thought they were hideous and never wanted to have them on my bike… but I’ve decided to follow function over form. Ironically now I want to get track drops just because I think they look better, turns out I’m just adhering to another aesthetic.

ps I’m not sure if that’s actually ironic, better ask Alanna about that.

if you are not racing sprints or keirins at a high level track drops are shit end of story

Yea but building a sweet track frame up and then not putting track drops on it totally looks shit. So does flat peddles for the record…

the naming convention make sense, but if you are willing to suffer a little, track bars look the best.

i think risors can look great as well, as can many other bars.


+1 risors look sweet. Excusing the mad traditionalists, modern fixies are a lot like retro fitted HK Monaro’s, you get the idea… you can’t tell me a set 24" 285’s on the rear look totally shit because it came out with 185’s, hub caps and white walls (no disrespect to the white walls). Don’t think I saw any bike of the year nominations with ergo road bars? Fuck sensible, go the track drops if you want bro.

What about Cinelli Criteriums? Track shape with a shallower drop.

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also, good rule for noobs: don’t listen to sugarkane.


And you totally gotta go no breaks with those peddles

i run these on my road bike and my track bike, of which ive used both in local racing, works fucking rad