advantage of track drops over road drops

I think standard/ergo road bars look shit on a track frame. Saw some down at DISC and they’re horrid.

Try some track bars out and see if your wrists can put up with them. I loved them, but they are hard work for street riding. Criteriums may be the way to go for a good compromise.

And no flat pedals…ever.

Pretty much this.


My 2c…

I have Nitto track drops on my Keirin frame. Looks tuff. Nitto tracks drops on my other track bike. Looks tuff as well. Cinelli Touch ergo road drops on my other, other track bike. Looks tuff, looks #fixiefamous and it’s the most practical.

Yeah ergos look shit on track bikes but if you actually ride the thing a lot it’s worth considering!

They don’t look shit…

Ok…it’s my hang up, I admit. It’s just something about that shape I find offensive. I like the curve in track and road bars.

What I should have said is they might not look as good as track drops, especially on some classic steel frames (there are obviously exceptions). They look much better on more modern frames. I’m quite use to how mine look now and they are way more comfortable on long rides than any track drops.

I ride track drops. It’s all I’ve ever ridden. My wrists are fine, and I don’t feel as though I’ve been disadvantaged in any way.

Of course, there may be a better option, but I just don’t care to find out what it is.

You know what looks shit? Seeing people riding on the tops of track bars. It has got to be to worst most awkward way to hold some bars. Plus side, your bike looks cool when stationary and you don’t look awkward that 1% of time you are in the drops.

Nah, my Cinelli Touch’s would look shit on the Samson, but they look fine on the F(ake) Moser. I know what you’re saying.

Ok I’m gonna be the voice of reason here, consolidating what has already been said here already and chuck in my 2c:

  • Pista bars are good if you want to ride it on the track (even just sometimes) or are a poser with a shiny cafe bike. (BTW Alex there are loads of shallow drop track bars avaialble - ie Nitto 125s).

  • Bullhorns or road drops with ‘dummy levers’ are good if you want to ride your fixed gear a lot, and want a functional cockpit for riding longer distances and need an ergo position to cut win and climb etc.

  • Road drops without aero levers look shit and are dumb unless you’re a points/madison rider.

  • Road drops with crosstop levers look atrocious.

  • Bullhorns are a great compromise with function and ‘track’ aesthetics. I’m taking about nitto RB-018s not Mavics or those posy new Mash one (they are rediculous)

  • Risors and narrow flats are just rubbish and aimed squarely at mindless fashion victims.

I don’t ride my bike on the track, and I have track drops. Does this mean that I am a poser?



Yeah I figured I could search for an old topic and try and find information relevant to me, or I could ask straight out. Who am I harming by spurring another discussion about specifics of a bike? This is the one thing I never understood about forums.

I really don’t like Risers, but then again I’ve done a 180 on a lot of things about this bike. :slight_smile:

The DAFSFFS seems to be a certain kneejerk reaction from a number of FOA old timers, usually in response to dumb questions. I personally think it gets dished out a bit too frequently. But in their defence it does stop the forum from being cluttered with inane questions such as “what bike should I buy”. If you wanna see a forum that does not flame the non-searching n00b have a look over at Rotorburn. Its littered with the most boring threads known to man.

Love a successful troll.

dipshits that ride with their wrists upturned on the top initial curve of the drops make me cringe - uncomfortable, unstable, zero control… if you need to do this, you need to seriously reconsider your bike setup

Indeed. And welcome to the new guy.
My point with the search function statement: this whole bar question has discussed ad infinitum. rizors/hornz/dropz/dildoz. But feel free to keep asking. If the thread brings the lolz then who am I to judge?