advantage of track drops over road drops

I wondered why I bin it every time I put my hands there…

+1. I actually find that quite comfortable on my Nitto B125s. Similar to being on the hoods of my roadie. Palms face each other though, certainly not forward.

Speaking of dildoz…

found a winning handlebar setup

i cringed watching the junior crit in kl over the weekend when some dude had his forearms rested in the middle of the drops, like he was riding on invisible time trial bars. was lol.

Yep. Total muppets.

haha, I was just searching for Boonen doing it in the roubaix…
EDIT: Found one

Oh man, I do that on my bars all the time :frowning: I guess I am riding a lo-pro so it’s kind of passable :open_mouth:

Is there anything right with that bike?

I find this super comfy - just hate it when your forearms are sufficiently sweaty that you wind up sliding all over the top of the drops

lol but youre on rizors and not racing in a crit… will see if i can get an actual pic.

double fork crown, undrilled
and using thompson bits

There’s not a brake on Earth that would reach that far.

from bikesnob-----

Speaking of being a homebody, this past weekend I found myself at home and in front of my television, and so I was able to watch the Paris-Roubaix bicycle race. Paris-Roubaix is of course the one that’s really bumpy, and it was won by somebody named Thomas Booning. Booning won with “panache,” which is the French cycling term for doing that really cool “leaning on your forearms during a solo breakaway” thing:

Pro tip: if you want to pull off this look while on the bike, just pretend you’re browsing the Nashbar catalog in the bathroom while experiencing a slightly uncomfortable “movement.”

Tight clearances

fashion victims? i’d place track drops on a street tarck way above rizors in terms of fashion victim.
one is uncomfortable/unergonomic, the other is comfortable and sensible.

Is this a serious thread.

I ride upturned for ~80% of the time on my track drops. But as was said before, not facing forward, but hands facing towards each other. This is my favourite hand position and I find I have far more comfort, stability and control than using the flat top or drops. In fact it is quite close to riding in the hoods of road drops. Narrow track drops on the street are my first choice for function, precisely for this reason.

Alternative would be to have road drops and hoods, but if you don’t have two brakes it doesn’t make sense. How can you say I would be a poser using track drops on a track frame when I find the hand positioning functional and it is a simple practical setup, when the alternative is using road drops with a whack redundant lever. In my opinion the alternative in using a redundant impractical and complicated setup makes far less sense.

Considering that track/tarck/t-whatever-ck bikes have geometry that is designed for drop bars I question this so called ‘ergonomics’ you speak of. Unless that is you ride a custom fixay with a toptube 2-4cm longer than the seattube, and you ride with bars around 60cm wide, there is nothing comfortable and sensible, let alone ergonomic about risors. My wife characterises the fixed gear w. risors as “bear on a bicycle”. Can’t say I disagree with her. But hey, if you’re into that kind of circus thing who am I to judge?

They’re also designed to be ridden around in circles at very high speed. For the average hilpster a set of rizors are always gonna be more ergonometrically superior than a set of track drops, espeshully consideratin’ that 95%+ of their riding is done on the tops.

But hey, you wanna fuck your back for the sake of aesthetics, be my guest. We’ve all been down that road at some time or another.