Advice on a mtb purchase

I’m in the market for a Hardtail.
Top of my budget is 1700 cannoli’s

So far the strongest contenders are the

2021 Specialized Rockhopper Expert.
Specs look good; Judy fork, SRAM SX 1x12,
Tubeless ready (req)

2021 Specialized Rockhopper Elite, mostly the same, except Judy has a steel steerer (as opposed to the Alu on the expert) and 1x10 Deore.

Cannondale Trail 3
Basically same specs as the Rockhopper Expert but cheaper.

I also looked at a Giant, but it had a Pressfit BB and I’m not really into that. Looked at the Trek Roscoe but the geometry seemed a bit old-school.

Do any of you know other bikes in that in spec/price range you would recommend?

Help appreciated.

Specialized are good - can’t go wrong with them. I have had a couple of stumpjumpers, a camber and a bighit.

Did you look at the Trek x-caliber, maybe a bit to XC?

Depending on what local dealers are doing, I’d throw these in as options.

Again, maybe some deals on these out there:

party hardtail + buy a dropper

i dunno if you can avoid press fit bbs coz mtb stuff is w i d e b o o s t now

160 fork though. Pretty slack. And 100 over budget

Do you want XC style hardtail, or enduro style hardtail? Maybe a mid-travel 29er?
More for bombing (dirt) hills and rock gardens, or gravel fireroads?

does it have to be new?

I picked up a lighter used Niner Ros9 frame and then built up from there.

X-Caliber look alright, I’d like it more if it was a bit slacker.
Looked at Kona’s but they are a bit out of my price range. And I get a wierd vibe with Kona. (Same feeling I get with white dudes with dreds and Jason Momoa)

Marin. Pine Mountain is rad but out of my price range but I thought Nail Trail looked pretty good.

Everything everywhere is out of stock at the moment I guess cos of covid.

Marin looks pretty good…

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San Quentin is outta my price range. Geo looks good but. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for.

Type of riding will be single track, medium shred, I’d say about 5.5 - 7.8 gnar.

Then beers in the carpark, loosey goosey fucking about. Maybe a BBQ.

I think you nailed it tho. Not too XC, not too Enduro/DH. Mid travel.

Bombing hills and finding lines at medium speed.
No jumps, no redbull shit. No fox jersey.
Just bombing bikes, beers, buds, BBQs, Bros, buds, beers, and buds and breakfast burritos with beans and buscopan.


One thing to consider - 29 vs 27.5? How tall are you? You may suit a 27.5 bike given you are looking more towards some fun, shenanigan kind of riding. I’d usually recommend the 29er over 27.5, but I think you might enjoy the smaller wheels.

I’d also be looking at the second hand market, with that budget you could get something that someone hasn’t thrashed around and get some MTB people to help you look over it to make sure it isn’t thrashed out. Budget a bit for some love with a service, new brake pads/lines etc and it will feel like new.

I’m 6.1½ , figured 29er is a good starting point. I’m open to either. Or both. 69er sounds fun.

Been looking at second hand for a while. There has been fuck all in my size/budget/needs. But definitely open to it. Checking my groups every day.

One thing that’s bugging me tho. A couple of bikes I’ve looked at (specialized) don’t have replaceable Derailleur hangers…
Do you reckon that’s a deal breaker?

These would work - but out of stock :frowning:

If it’s an entry level to medium level HT.
Everywhere is out of stock. It’s so weird.

TBH I would buy any of the above bikes right now, if they had my size.

Yeah, I can imagine. The local trails are absolutely packed here in Canberra. It is getting a bit challenging to ride.

!but fox! This thread is ded to me :disappointed:

You’re Melbs right? I looked 5 mins @ Melbs fb marketplace
Maybe a Trex Superfly? Redirecting... XC style
27.5 Commencal Meta Commencal Meta HT AM Essential longer travel hardtail

I saw them. Not big on the geo of the Treks. There’s a Roscoe on there in my budget. Same deal.
Commencal is too small. I’m L-XL

I do worry about buying a second hand MTB. Not knowing how thrashed it is. Especially with shocks.

I suspect there will probably be a bunch of “Bought this bike during COViD didn’t ride as much I’d expect…” Bikes for sale in the near future, there’s already been a few pop up.

Do you reckon non-replaceable Derailleur hangers are a deal breaker on a MTB?

What bike doesn’t have the replaceable hanger?

After a stick tore the derailleur hanger off my gravel bike last week this would be a definite deal-breaker for me. It’s an obvious point of failure on any off-road bike.

Replacing the hanger on my Curve - $30. Replacing the frame … !

I think it’s time to play the waiting game… wait for the right bike to come available again, or wait for some more monies to become available.

Specialized Rockhopper. Even the top tier one. Weird right?
I wonder if it’s covered by warranty?

(Edit. I was wrong)