Aero Helmets

I also make it a point to smash past people who are on the aero bars if I can

at the moment anyone who is not racing at pro conti level or higher will look like a complete nimrod using one of these helmets

this may change in the future but the time is not now

why so? no ‘aero benefit’ cos not going fast enough?

I think one of the reviews said if your travelling at less then 20km/h its ventilation is pretty ordinary.

i simply like the idea of the adjustable vents on the kask, not fussed on ‘aero’ benefits!

If you are not fussed about aero benefits and you want ventilation… isnt that a normal helmet? just saying

Looks be too damn hot in a perth summer but an ok winter helmet.

Must get one…

…because aero

I am about to put aero bars on my dahon fixed folder. Keeping the pink Ourys though

Aeros are good, was never sold on the peppermint ones though.


thanks for bringing it back on topic h

I preferred when they were more the shape of a mars bar.

I like air attack’s but only 'cos Vos. I don’t think you’ll catch me wearing one in the near future though.

Peppermint Aero or GTFO

TC: my predilection for peppermint aeros means than no amount of aero helmets will make me fast :"(

Not aero, but.


Jase who the fuck goes less than 30km/hr let alone 20km hr
As far as aero benefit I’d say under 40kmhr it would be so small you would be better off siliconing up the holes in your bar tape.
Most aero gains get better as the speeds increase and trust me you won’t be any quicker or have a cooler head with an aero road helmet.



its the adjustable ventilation thats intrigued me, according to the spiel, closed vents equals full aero, full open not as aero. $360 might be a tad pricy if its just a gimmick, but if their previous models are anything to go by, id expect a quality product.

hahah i agree! was just quoting a cycling tips/bike radar review

i take your point, and i do understand aero benefits are usually only gained at higher speeds, and marginally at that. Ill probably wait for more reviews, but as stated above, im intrigued none the less =D

Not quite… Alex’s Cycle Blog: Aero for slower riders

I use aero helmets for individual timed events. I even went as far as spending time in front of a big fan…

Found an estimated 43 Watts of free speed at 40km/hr. Was far quicker to save 43 Watts than raising my FTP by 43 Watts!

As an side about ventilation, in my previous experience with motorbike helmets, more holes dosnt always mean more ventilation, just more noise!

Entry flow and exit seems to have a pretty decent effect.