Affinity Kissena

Frame / Size / Year: Affinity Kissena, 58cm , 2010
Handlebars / Stem: Deda Pista, Thomson 90mm
Fork / Headset: Affinity Kissena, Cane Creek
Front Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire: Mavic Ellipse, Michelin
Rear Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire: Mavic Ellipse Randonneur
Crankset / Bottom Bracket: Sram Omnium, Sram GXP
Saddle / Seat Post: Fizik Arione, Thomson

Currently Looking like this:

Looks tuff.

seat angle?

hahaha i thought something has been off with it ive only ridden it twice ill fix it up tomorrow

Looks good man, how does it ride?

rides smooth as just need a shorter stem.

Sweet ride mate. Good idea on the saddle swap, maybe an aero seat tube as well?

I have been contemplating a set of those sram omniums. See them all over nowdays.

ok so i had some problems, i wanted to remove my stem because it was too long but for some reason the bottom bolt has become stuck and i couldnt remove it and now it has threaded!! its this bolt here

how can i get it off???

didn’t grease the thread first?
That didn’t help, but i’d go to LBS to minimise anymore damage

Bummer, I would be keen to take that stem off your hands too.
Looks good mate, hope to see it at the track soon :slight_smile:

double post.

a drill and a steady hand.

Good lord that stem is long, I guess if it is the “Large” frame and you’re a little big for it, it’s a good idea. But you’ve said its going.
That frame really looks small for size L. On the other hand… looks like it has the potential to be fast.

Few updates

Looks pretty mean!
but more importantly can I have your rear zipp?!

bargain wheels, good buyin =D

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That looks even tuffer with the Zipp. Nice work.

looks fast! trispokes on alu frames are a good cliche