Affinity Lo Pro

I finally got around to taking a good photo of my bike. I figured i’d post it up here anyway. I’m going to change the Crankset, Saddle and, if I have enough money, the Wheelset.
Champagne Green Affinity Lo Pro
Affinity Fork
Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Lasco Original’s/Alloy Standard Bottom Bracket
Surly 17t/Lasco Original 46t/HKK Vertex
Mavic Pursuit/BBB
Kashimax 5Gold-4P/BBB
Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Weinmann DP18/Formula/Vittoria Zaffiro
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Weinmann DP18/Formula/Vittoria Rubino

A big thanks to Pony Bikes and Gear Shop.

sweet ride isaac! saw your frame at pony just before xmas…

Bravo EG

Pursuit frame + riser stem? :frowning:

flip it upside down

Good to see the Lascos have some legs for a cheap crank.

Although I wish I didn’t buy them. They’ll be replaced with something better in a short while.

I reckon I’ll just get a 0 degree stem because I’m not keen on the rise, either way. one way and it looks bad, the other and it probably won’t be much good for my back.

never understood why people ride pursuit/weird geo frames on the street… decent build though.

How’d you go with the chain line issue?

Now, now… don’t let common sense get in the way.

maybe, as your moniker suggests, to be an aero bloke :wink:


Chyeahhhhhh pursuit frames on the streets for the win!!!

Looks good!!! Needs a big ring but!!!

Also, flip the stem, + nitto straight rizorz Plz.

Rised stem on a lo pro with bull horns is stupid.
Either ditch the horns and go risers,
Get drops Or change the stem.
Other than that you must be stoked to be on a real bike.

You’re young, you don’t have to worry about backs and stuff for plenty of years! Livefastdiehard or something like that

tidy build. upgrade parts if you have to, otherwise just ride and enjoy it.

saddle to bar drop doesn’t look extreme. which parts of the horns do you use most often with the stem in it’s current position?

Tomorrow I’ll get that sorted. The sound isn’t that bad, you just need an iPod.

Flats for down hills and flat sections , horns for up hills or gaining speed. So I’d say it varies depending on where I want to ride to but I’d say overall the flats get the most use.

Looks good Isaac. Nice one mate.

Yeh, dun good Isaac. Just ride it and replace things as they break: you get your monies worth of what you have already bought, plus it gives you more time to research/consider what upgrade to make.

Yeah… nah.

nice work iSack, looks good!