After how many rides is it acceptable to wash your lycra?




One - how many times do you change your underpants? Same thing!

less than or equal to one

Four before a wash, seriously? It was 30deg in Brizzy today and I was only out for an hour or so and mine are in the wash now. Once dude!! Unless your significant other is keen on the taste of stale ball sweat? Dude?

Underpants… about week. Lycra, after each ride.

I would also say 1 (or 2 days if your bikepacking in the middle of nowhere… and have no friends).

lol dirty kent! yeah 1 or maybe 2 depending how long you ride for?

what if you wear undies?

Just turn them inside out after each ride = 2 rides.

Then there is something wrong with you.

like this?

one, the only exception is commuting where you are permitted to wear your unwashed filth in the homeward direction but only if it is on the same day as your commute in the workward direction

four rides between washes is just rank man

Those wacky Canucks! That’s the norm over there I believe.

You’d better be trolling, otherwise: what in the actual fuck?

This. My ball-busting commute of 5km each way is enough to warrant a wash when I get home. My machine has a 15 minute light cycle, I wash one or two pairs on that.

Four? This fuckin guy.

Good call!

Depends if you like nasty boils on your butt or not.

If your ride was less than an hour then you can ride the same pair once again, but that ride should not exceed 2 hours.

Finally someone steps in with some moderation! At the risk of appearing like some sort of cycling pariah, I wear cotton boxer briefs under my knicks as I find the idea of my bare unwashed arsehole (depending on the time of day) and gooch smashing directly up against an absorptive pad very unhygienic.

Not if you wash them after every time you use them and certainly no worse than wearing jocks more than once before washing. Seriously?

Like everyone else said, more than once in a day if needed or twice if touring. If you are not sleeping in them, why not wash them?