Alchemy Arion

So I scored this ridiculous frame-set after Crankstar up here in Brisbane shutdown. After a short time on the market I decided to flip my existing roadie (to user Wookie which I’m really bloody happy about) to fund an electronic group as this frame is electronic specific. I kept my cockpit and wheel-set swapped in a Campy free hub then enlisted Scottridesabike (the mad dog) to build it up for me.

So F’ing stoked on it I can’t even explain. Little shake down river loop yesterday, got the fit dialled, Mt Cootha plus a bunch of hills today and it’s killer. Had to swap out the 25c Graphine’s for 23’s as they had about 1mm clearance all round in the seat stay and hard descending had them rubbing.

Couple of lounge room phone shots for now but the Photography Guys/Gals at work owe me so I’m gonna get some sweet freebie studio shots :stuck_out_tongue:

Frame/Fork/Seatpost: Alchemy Arion > ENVE 2.0 Fork > ENVE mast Custom for Alchemy
Cockpit: Thomson Road bars > Thomson X2 Stem > Cane Creek Headset > Lizard Skin Tape
Group: Full Campagnolo Chorus EPS V2
Wheelset: WI T11’s > Sapim CX Ray > HED Belgium Plus > Tune Ti Skewers
Tyres: Vittoria Graphine 23c
Saddle: Specialized Romin
Pedals: Speedplay Zero’s

Setup looks tight! But needs moar hot pink.

Noted, maybe some pink bottles.

Straight fire.

This is all manner of rad!

Great build dude.

How’s the frame feel in comparison to the s-jerks?

Straight fire x2.

Can you get the shift paddles and seat clamp done the same colour pink? That would look ace.

Man great hey, as you’d imagine it’s stiffer and responds to power input noticeably. On the one Cootha back side decent I’ve done on it I noticed you have to will it into the corners a bit more than S-Works… like NSR Vs R6 sorta thing - Will corner, just gotta tell it too y’know. Other than than the ride is great, obviously not as forgiving on an average surface as the S-Works but not uncomfortable by any means.

Mmmmm bit of effort but… clamp is doable…maybe the glossy under side of the saddle could go pink??

Yeah the rear end of that frame looks like it’d be properly stiff. Quick google search didn’t provide a geo chart, but from what I recall, they were designed with the option of running a forward offset seat position for tt setup, so r6 handling wouldnt be much fun in that setup

… forum needs more NSR analogies - do like

Yeah little slacker, little longer by the looks of it (but not by much)

You’ve been on sram for a few years now - what made you go with EPS over eTap?

so much nice

$$ Would have loved it but didn’t have nor could justify the money for etap, if it wasn’t electronic specific I would have gone Red 22 for sure, couldn’t afford DA and whilst I know Ultegra is probs the better product and would have gone on the bike easier, I’m not in love with the looks. So, campy was pretty much the same dollar as Ultegra and I love the crankset, the levers grew on me whilst doing the research period and y’know, something different for different sake.

Like at things Italian, look and sound beautiful, works great all the time… not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

The first mod my brother did to his Ducati Tricolor was pull it apart and loctite it back together. And he can only get it up to the cafe on Glorious before the seat need to cool down for 40 mins BUT, that ride though, fek it’s off the hook and looks and sounds great :wink:

Too true - campy cranks give me eye-gasms.

I’m running DA on my propel and love the ergonomics of the hoods but still prefer the feel and shifting style of Red that’s on my commuter for daily duties.

Have been contemplating campy for another build, so I’d be interested in your views after a bit of use down the track

I’ve had SR EPS for over 2 years and never had a problem,
It is very sensitive to derailleur alligngment though and I can’t imagine changing it anytime soon.
I saw you in Richmond this morning Nate, down the bottom end of church st.

Yeah ventured north of the river for pork rolls… nom nom nom

yeah we’ve already had bulks chat’s in private…but I’ll say it again. You done real good son!

would ride, EPS is great fun to build… LELZ but once it’s all set up, it’s pretty good, I like the shift feel, buttons feel solid

do like, also fan of 4-arm.

this is lit fam!