Alex G6000 rims.

Hey guys, first post here. I’m pretty sure I have searched everywhere on this forum after lurking for a while, and I can’t find what I want to ask.
I just bought a set of alex G6000 rims. They are yet to arrive but shouldn’t be far away.
They are a cross rim with spec 622x16mm
I have read that your tyre needs to be twice the size of your inner lip measurement, but could I get away with mounting something smaller than 32mm tyres? Like standard road tyres.
Sorry if I have botched this up immensely.

Absolutely. I have looked at getting G6000s or Subs for mounting 23 mm tyres on. There is a growing trend (I use that word in it’s entirety, because it could just end up being fashion over function) in road racing for mounting ~23 mm tyres on ~23 mm wide (external) rims for better aerodynamics and apparently a better inflated shape leading to grip, plushness, reduced RR blah blah.
For a while I ran 25 mm tyres on my old hybrid wheel which is something like 24 mm wide. It works fine.

Where did you get the rims from and for how much? I hope you don’t mean wheel, because I’m after just the rims.

Hey MiG,
thanks for all the info, I was a little worried. Am now a lot more excited for their arrival.
I bought them over ebay, as a wheelset, as I needed the whole thing. Good luck finding some :slight_smile:

there a guy on ebay who sells the g6000 wheelsets frequently by the name of “Ilovefixies”. You could pick em up cheap with enough patience, he lets em go for any price, the auction prices have ended up between $50 and $125,(he sells em $280 by em now)you could pick em up cheap and ditch the hubs/spokes back on ebay.

thats where I got mine rowan- they shipped today,

Anyone got any feedback on these G6000/Formula? I was going to go some Weismmann/origin8 but these are WAY cheaper.

Are they ok rims? there aren’t that many colours…

Just for info, there are number of companies making “wider” (23mm) rims (eg HED / Velocity) to be used with 23/25mm tyres, the wider bead seat gives a better tyre profile than a narrow / standard rim width.

If you want to run wide (like 35mm+) tyres at lower pressures, you’ll want wider rims than yours or risk rolling it off.

thanks blakey, I do plan to roll a slimmer tyre around the 23-25mm range. thanks for the info.
Adrian- I have not got mine yet, but there are a few reviews on the net on the rims only, I didn’t look up reviews for the hubs.

Thread revival. Re the guy who sells em on ebay. I just won a pair and there was some really ‘odd’ bidding at the end when the price was still pretty low- someone with a low feedback score and a 100% activity with the seller. Do i have reason to be suspicious? Anyone else have a similar experience?

Yeah I’ve seen some suspicious activity before, friend was bidding on them and none of them go for 60 (might have been 50) or less.
if you look at this, there’s a bidder with 0, but this might just be a coincidence.
How much did you win your pair for?

$100 but there was NO activity until a few minutes before the end which is fine but then the same bidder with the %100 activity chimed in.

Just been checking this guy’s auction history. There’s lots of bidding from people with a ‘%100 activity with this seller’ in there. Dodgy.

yeah i reckon its a bid dodgy i was bidding on a set and then they went to a bidder with 0 but then i got mine the next week for $100 including postage which in my mind was a ridiculous bargain. so my advice is just snipe until you get a pair.

If you think it is dodgy then notify ebay.

i think it’s a bit dodgy too. they’ll often have 0 bids until 3 hours left, then two guys will bump it up to 60 or 70.

he might need some hipster justice reigned down on him

Seriously considering it.

anyone know the axel length in these wheels

just sent this

"Dear ilovefixies,

There seems to be some irregular bidding with this auction. The bidder who bumped the price up from $43 has a %100 activity rating with you and has done the same thing in other auctions of yours, as have other ebay ids with %100 activity or similar ratings with you. Are you able explain this?
Thanks "

120, but he says he can space it to 126/130

its still such a good deal though, way better than those stars wheels

what is the result of such an email? he stops selling or makes a higher reserve price? if i needed another set i would buy again in an instant. hell i’m considering buying again even though i don’t need them.

(i’m not the seller btw just really happy with the wheels)