Alice Springs to Uluru via the Mereenie Loop

Hey guys, as the title suggests I cycled from Alice Springs to Uluru via the Mereenie loop last year and finally got around to posting a trip report. I did it on a single speed bike with hiking gear I had left over from a previous hiking trip whilst I was in Alice Springs.

Cycling from Alice Springs to Uluru via the Mereenie Loop. - YouTube

And the full trip report can be found here



Crazy awesome. Those crazy instant high/low emotion changes you get when travelling, couldn’t help but laugh.

Haha thanks, I made the trip tough on myself by accident. The point where I lost my wheel nut I happened to record it all on video as I thought my trip was all but over, and out of nowhere I find that damn nut as the sun reflects a glint of metal into my eyes. It goes from absolute sadness to pure euphoria, will have to post it tomorrow!

respect mang!

prawza, I often wonder where you’ve gone!!

will need to properly check this out when I’m not on my phone.

Awesome ride report. Love the video and photos too - the Mobile sign would be one of my favourites!

This is awesome, makes me want to sell the miss’s and the kids.

Way too rad

You waited more than a year to share this!

Very cool. The raw emotion of that bolt moment made it.

fuck. yeah.

haha yeah, I posted the video a while ago but only just got around to writing a trip report, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I’ve been lurking but I guess my interests have slowly drifted elsewhere, glad to be back here and seeing familiar faces!

Holy shit. I have driven the Mereenie Loop in a well stocked 4Wd with a companion vehicle, and even that was not taken lightly.

Kudos to you sir, what an amasing experience.

Much respect. Having driven this road several times for work, which is unpleasant enough in a new 4WD, i can’t imagine the corrugations on 32’s.

really great to have you back with an incredible post like this.

have watched the video and read the report and think you’re a pretty inspiring young dude. the ride from perth - bris (via NZ) was good, this is even better.

congrats mate, memories you can take to the grave.

Great effort Prawi. Seems like a SS is the perfect steed for that terrain

What was the main cause of the punctures? I’ve often heard of people complaining about punctures on that type of surface but I’ve never experienced any.

pinch flats.

I’ve only ever gotten them from really hard and sharp jolts, not from general bumpiness.
Sounds like tubeless is the way to go for tourers. Also removes the need to carry extra tubes for 100’s of ks

Nice work prawza! Awesome ride, awesome style. Love it.