All City Nature Boy

I wanted to build up a bike with a freewheel and brakes, so after tossing up between 3 or so options I ended up with an All City Nature Boy.

Frame: All City Nature Boy + fork
Headset: Chris King
Stem: Thomson Elite
Seatpost: Thomson Elite
Seat: Fizik Arione
Bars: Funn
Grips: Odyssey Chase Hawk
Brakes: Avid Single Digit SL
Levers: Avid FR 5
Cables: Shimano XTR
Wheels: Phil Wood hubs laced to Mavic Open Pros 36 hole.
Freewheel: White Industries Trials 18t
Cranks: Sugino Messenger 170mm and Sugino bottom bracket
Chainring: Cycle Underground 46t
Pedals: Time Atac

Still needs full fenders, matching headset spacers and some small tweaks, and I’m not 100percent certain I like the Arione saddle so we will see how it goes in the future. I’ve got some knobbies and a smaller chainring coming so it will get some dirt action, but its main use will be commuting.

Shout out to Evan at Cyclic for building my wheels, organising my frame and installing my headset and bottom bracket.

Good choices all 'round!

For fenders, have you chosen? For flexible plastic guards, SKS Chromoplastics are great, VaVert (wiggle) are great value and almost as good as the SKS for hardware and fit, Planet Bike are somewhere in the middle. Avoid Zefal & Soma like the plague.


That’s a mighty nice commuter. I’m looking to start a similiar build for a commuter.
Again nice build!

wow, that’s a whole load of bomb-proof parts. nice build.

It’s so sensible. It rules.

Haven’t quite got around to looking at fenders yet. The SKS look the goods though, so I might have to order those. Anyone stock them in Melbourne? I’m not sure I want to wait a couple weeks for them to arrive.

Thanks for all the positive comments also.

1 part list to rule them all, nice job
if you decide against the airzone gimmie a heads up i fucking love mine

EDIT - oah i run planet bike cascadia fenders and i love them, so does sime, and commuter have them in stock i think

This. Can’t believe… no aerospoke… no B43… so sensible!!

Pay attention noobs- this is how you build a bike!

More pics of the brakes would be great.

Beautiful bike too!!

I’ll talk to you in a couple weeks when I find a suitable replacement.

I’ll get some extra photos this week.

Tidy unit that one.

Think I saw some sks stock in Abbotsford Cycles last week but that could have been a flashback. Worth a phone call anyway.

yep, what everyone else said. fkn sweet! really dig the paintjob on the nature boy.
how tall are you again?

Perfect colour for a commuter.

Some of the new Cinelli Priest / Valencia bars would set this off perfectly, but that’s just me.

Still rules though. The parts list is ridiculously good.

nice brakes yo

sweet build! very very very sensible and solid.

what made you stick with the messengers mocco?

195 or 6 cm I think. We’re about the same height I believe??

If I was to change up the bars, it would be to drops but I can’t see that happening. I don’t think I’ll even cut my risers down as I had planned previously.

I got them reasonably cheap off the forum with 3 chain rings, as I wasn’t sure of the gearing I was going to run originally. Buying these cranks + chain rings gave me options. I wouldn’t mind a 180mm instead of 170mm, but its not a huge issue.

is your wife aware you’re having an illicit affair with these goddamn bars?
get a room already

yeah, i think i’m 195. i thought maybe you were an inch or 2 taller than me. it just looks like you’ve still got a lot of seatpost for such a big frame. you’ve probably got longer legs than me though.

User:Leigh has some TA Cyclotouriste cranks that are 180/185 (?) that are available. Don’t really suit the bike’s style though. SRAM Rival 180mm with a bashguard in the outer position perhaps?

I’m pretty sure we have a bunch of SKS Chromoplastics at work. I’m going to head over there this afternoon. I can have a quick look for you while I’m there and I can let you know.