all time faves

Does anyone have all time FGG favourite bikes?
I probably have 10 or so that stand out in my mind. One of them is this:

Lets see yours!

Holy effin shit. That bike is epic! :-o
It’s gotta be worth a pretty penny.
Wonder how much…

Ow my achin’ back :stuck_out_tongue:

oh…and of course, this: Fixed Gear Gallery :: John Power's ?

One of the finest bikes ever built.

This was the wallpaper on my work PC when i built up my first fixed gear… I still like it.

Oh! and this one… I think a lot of people are still trying to pull this sort of thing off, and falling well short

It is kind of hard to beat, though.

Is this a serious thread or did I miss out on the sarcasm in the OP :?

The Yeti is cool but the rest…

Can’t vouch for anyone else, but I seriously like the bikes listed here. I think Snowflake’s choices are nostalgic but spot on :wink:
What are some of your favourites?

And just to keep things rolling…

Austro Daimler have one of the best typefaces ever. And some of the nicest pin striping that I see. The symposium Austro is also unreal, but this one gets it as my fave, probably because of the bell.

Well the first one was tongue in cheek but the second was serious. As you know, it’s not all about the look and the colour coordinated matching bits.

some from the vault

this is my fave…was my first fixed screen saver

I can testify to this. Also, take note of the Look stem, the next big thing!

All sarcasm (real or perceived) aside, I was quite taken by this Michalo custom job in Sydders…anyone here?

I think these are two of the best i’ve seen, and both on one day.

This thing is SIKKK

This could be friends with the skidstar if someone is up to it. Old 1 star i found the other day.
Better pics here.


Nice find mad hippie!
Can’t believe this sort of thing is still thrown on the street!
Let us know what you’re going to do with it.

Speaking of Skidstars

Did anyone here buy this?

Saw that on roadgrime the other day, so nice. All that pin striping must have taken so long.