Amy's Gran Fondo

I got an invite from a friend to have a crack at the Amy Gillett Foundation’s Gran Fondo (tee hee) starting at Lorne.

I’m thinking of doing it*, just wondering if anybody else has done it** or will be doing it and would like to express their thoughts. My only goal will be to stay in front of the sag wagon and cross the finish line.

  • On my fix-ay, because I am one roadie short of a peloton.
    ** I think the event has been done before…maybe.

GOR closed to traffic… do it for sure.

Yeah a friend of mine suggested it to me too. I’d love to ride that road closed to traffic.

If so I’ll be at the back with the newbies, oldies, fatties, smokers etc

This is pretty cool also:

Amy’s Gran Fondo has received approval from Union Cycliste Internationale of the event being included as one of the 12 global qualifier events under UCI’s new UWCT series.
With this new series, the International Cycling Union targets well trained amateurs that is consistent with the tradition of Gran Fondo.
Accordingly, this provides;
• an opportunity for amateur cyclists to compete for a World Championship rainbow jersey
• for 12 qualifier events in 3 continents – Amy’s Gran Fondo confirmed as one of these and the first in the 2012 calendar
• the top 25% in each age category qualify to compete in the UWCT Final to be held in Belgium in 2012
• international exposure and prestige for those that take part and for Victoria as leading global special events destination
• for all results to be displayed on the UCI website

I like fondu


This Sunday, any other FoA participants?

Looking at the course profile the climb up Skenes Creek is going to be a monster!

Sure is. Great views though…

Amy Gillett Gran Fondo 18 Sep 2011 in Lorne, Australia | Bike Map | MapMyRIDE

Skenes Creek Road | The Climbing Cyclist

i imagine it’s more scary driving up Skenes than riding up it. it’s a favourite of car enthusiasts, and also the easy road to the Otway Fly Walk. (and by easy, i mean the direct road instead of going around the bottom and clockwise from the GOR adding an hr or so)

I really wanted to do this but ended up doing the Genovese Kinglake 120k ride yersterday instead. My shitty body definitely needs a few weeks before I attempt another one.

^ I heard it was very cold and wet…

It’s beautiful through there. Drove it last summer on the way to Apollo Bay and couldn’t believe how many cyclists (older guys actually) were riding it.

Very. I’d say about 50% of my ride was raining and it was mighty cold. I saw a couple of riders at refreshment stops with blankets looking damn near hypothermic. Lots of unprepared people. My shorts bib, two jerseys and arm warmers were not really enough, but if you kept moving and ignored the sogginess, it was a great ride (my first ever that long)

Good work!

I went up the 1 in 20; the higher I got the more it rained. By the time I got to the top my feet and hands were numb. I think I fall into the unprepared basket…

Thanks! I look forward to more once I recover.

Such a nice drive, I imagine riding it would be even better. And to have it closed off to traffic…

I checked your results Lyndon. Good job.
Was it hard fixed?

^ Thanks, Dan. Yeah it was hard, but it probably would’ve been hard with gears! The descents were a killer, but I smashed plenty of roadies on the Skenes Creek climb.

Great day, though. Weather was magnificent, felt good most of the way (last 10 were pretty painful), plenty of comments from Freds: some stoked, some encouraging and others unsure of my sanity!

Didn’t see any other fixed/singlespeeds. Some damn fine bikes though, plenty of steelies too.

Was nice to beat my mates who all rock the latest in carbon fibre technology, Rapha apparel, heart rate monitors, etc, etc.

Hey Lyndon, you rated a mention in the Cycling Tips comments!

Everyone is in awe at you!

^ Except for the ‘old guy on a pink bike’ bit…

You’re a breeder now, that instantly makes you that “old guy” in the eyes of the youth.