Another Firefly 'dentist' commuter


COol thre4d


Looks like an on-one. Shoulda got an on-one.

Is this thread serious?

If it had 2.0" tyres and a typical MTB saddle/grip setup it’d be getting jerked off so hard right now.

^what he said.
i’d ride the shit out of that.

This is true, plus it looks like a Ti Pomp/Inbred.
Would ride.
Are they H bars?

Except it doesnt.

Fixed that for you.

Who builds a commuter without fenders? Dipshit.

what the fuck sort of commuting are you going to do on that gearing

Lol bates

Very slow commuting?

Commuting in San Fran perhaps? Can’t wait to try out a 1x11 setup personally.

But that is such a hodge-podge build. What-the-fuck is that fork all about?! I mean if you were gonna fork (he he) out for a Firefly why wouldn’t you get a Carbon 29er fork by Niner/Spesh/Whiskey etc. Makes no sense.

Also, no mudguards + leather saddle = fail.

Good To have you back dice.

But yeah no disrespect to the 1x11 group.

Not tried an 1 x 11 but have done a 1 x 10 solid fork MTB. Very, very impressed.

Still think 1 x 9 is plenty enough though or 1 x 8 actually …

Should also post this under dentist.
I get couplers
I get Di2
But together??

Trying to imagine the aspirations of the customer- “Yeah I’m going to be racing some international sportifs/grand fondos/charity rides and need the flexibility of a travel bike, and the precision of Di2…”