Anyone here rocking Hope hubs?

Hope hubs especially for MTB have a great rep. One question I had is they are meant to be loud- very loud in fact. Just wondering if people find it annoying??

i have them, not annoying. they actually seem pretty quiet compared to my CK hubs.

also, hi horatio!

Yeah, rocking a Hope SS/Trials on my polo bike and the same on my 29er. Pretty damn loud but the Ti driver in my Profile hubs is louder.

Interesting to hear CK hubs are louder.

Doesn’t annoy me at all. It does cause my work mates to say things like “Why is your clicker so loud?” and “Man, put some oil on that thing!” when I wheel my bike into the office. Also it’s good for commuting - if there’s a slow dude in front of you just roll up and give 'em a dose of freewheel - quite often they stop pedaling and look down at their own bike or just generally shit themselves and pull over a bit so you can get past. Does tend to make dogs and children angry though so, y’know, with great power comes great responsibility.

king hubs are so loud, they are amazing

once i was on my mtb and there were a couple of walkers ahead. i freewheeled to give them the signal that i was coming but they started looking up in the trees… thought i was a wasp or something. worth the money for this.

I have hopes on my xc bike, I love it the angry bee sound. Get them, get them good.

So the loud sound wouldn’t put you off buying them?

the loud sound is the only real reason to buy them

Seriously considering the Hope II + Crest rim combo, about the best bang for buck around. To be honest I’m not a big fan of the bee sound though.

Then don’t stop pedalling

*seriously though, get them. I have ran them on my XC bike for 5 years now and they are faultless. I even got a pair for my cross bike. I don’t notice the sound that much anymore, but like others said, they do come in handy for letting people know you are riding their ass.

I had hopes once.

What happened, broke them?

Sold 'em. Wish I hadn’t.

Thought you meant hopes as in “Hopes and Dreams”…

That too. That too…

Another question if I may- the Pro II hubs come with an alloy freehub body. Does yours chew up much?

The freehub does Chew a little but not a lot just buy good light cass with a alloy spider and you will be fine.

They are loud as fuck. I have them. I like them on my MTB, a lot. Better than a bell for walkers and dogs, and getting the rider in front to hurry up :wink:

I wouldn’t however get them for my rando, simply cause they would annoy me on sealed roads. I’m getting DTswiss 350s for that (which has the same internals as a 240 but with a slightly heavier Taiwanese made hub shell, and about $100 less too).

If you don’t want the noise keep an eye out for DTSwiss wheelsets - x1600? IIRC - have seen them come up on sale a lot this last year.

All the alloy freebodys chew. As slinky says, use a spidered cassette