April 14th-17th

Hi Melbourne, I’m coming to visit.
Wondering whether I should bring my bike on the plane. Is it worth it?

I’d be keen for some longish rides on Thursday 14th and Sunday 17th. Is there anything good going on that weekend? I’m busy all day on the Fri and Sat.

Also, any tips for flying Jetstar and riding from Tullaramarine into the city? My knowledge of Melbourne doesn’t extend beyond the city centre and Brunswick St.

Hey Alex!

Would have been great to go for a ride with you but I’m out of action for awhile. I’ll bet there will be some crew up for it though. As for your bike, maybe see if someone can lend you one for the weekend? Roughly what size do you ride?

And the ride in from the airport is pretty easy, certainly wouldn’t test you. Post up what time you arrive and maybe some folks can meet you out there and lead you in! Or I can send you a map if you like.

hey, i’ve never taken a bike on jetstar, i’d imagine they may hit you pretty hard for excess/spoting luggage though.

if you do bring a bike, it’s not too far from tullamarine from the city. but you’re probably going to want to take backroads for a decent chunk of it.

i’ll have a look at what rides may be planned around then.

where are you staying?

This is great! Keen for rides!

be nice james!

bring your bike… im pretty sure its ‘sporting equipment’ and will cost you ~50bucks. which is cheap for having something you know is set up for you on longer rides. plus you’ll save ~15-40 bucks on transport from the airport.

if it was just short hops then i’d borrow a bike.

be nice james! :wink:

bring your bike… im pretty sure its ‘sporting equipment’ and will cost you ~50bucks. which is cheap for having something you know is set up for you on longer rides. plus you’ll save ~15-40 bucks on transport from the airport.

if it was just short hops then i’d borrow a bike.

Forgot I posted this. Booked with Jetstar, just before I found out that it’s Virgin who are the bike-friendly-cheap-airline, apparently.
Should be cool though, sounds like they don’t necessarily hit you with the Sporting Goods fee, especially if it’s under 20kg.

Arriving at 10pm, so the ride into the city should be fine. Thinking Melrose Ave, Keilor Rd, Mt Alexander Rd etc. No idea where I’m staying though - any opinions on a hostel? Will be riding aimlessly on Thurs, if anyone has any recommendations.

The point of this thread was that I’d like to do a decent ride on Sunday 17th, maybe up around the Kinglake area. Is that where you’d go for a 100-150km ride out of the city? Depending on the hills/coffee stops etc. Lots of both please.

Are there any similar group rides happening that I could join? I have visions of Melbourne permanently swarming with cyclists… Otherwise does anyone want to come for a ride, and show me the way?

Kinglake we can do. Pencil me in.

melrose, then turn left on mascoma, then pascoe vale road… it’s significantly more pleasant. mascoma st rules.

^yep mascoma is much nicer, and very little traffic. are you planning on riding to kinglake fixed? if so i’ll probably tag along, haven’t been out that way for a while.

Thanks for the tips.

I’ll be riding a singlespeed roadie, or maybe fixed, will see on the day.

How does this sound for a Sunday ride:

Watson’s Creek
Yarra Glen,
St Andrews,
Kinglake West,
Arthur’s Creek,

About 110km I think, from Google.

I’ve never heard of any of these places before, just looking at the map and this thing.

Any takers?


I’ll come. But i have a shit sense of direction, generally speaking, so someone who knows their arse from their elbow, should also come.

I’ll come but if your planning on riding kinglake fixed or ss you’re an animal. Hence why i’ll be on the roadie. Infact i would strongly advise against anyone decending Kinglake towards Hurstbidge sans brakes.

Hey! Just saw this thread, sorry for the late notice.
Keen to ride over the weekend. SS or roadie.
Give me an sms - oh four 1 f-ive, six zero 3, onee nine 7

I normally ride a “road bike” - road bars, road brakes, etc - that’s either fixed or singlespeed.

I guess riding fixed amongst a proper roadie bunch rings some alarm bells, but I’m not talking about brakeless fixie whipskidz.
I train with the Dulwich Hill club here on the track mostly, but there’s a quite a few of us from the track who do the club road rides on fixed road bikes. Some of the older guys have been doing that for years, so it doesn’t raise too many eyebrows.

Does anyone know if the hills around Kinglake are similar to those between Sydney/ Wollongong or Sydney/Gosford?
If they are tougher that’d be good - I’m looking for a challenge.

It sounds like I’ll be going with Mr WJWAT1 - I don’t know exactly which clan he’s part of… You Melb guys come across like a slightly incestual family over the internet so I don’t really know who’s who…

Alex, you should have no problems. If i remember the hills between Sydney and Wollongong, I would say that Kinglake is perhaps a little trickier, but given that I remember you climbing with no difficulties at all, I think you will be fine. If you let me know the details, I would be keen to come along.

A very friendly incestual family, I should add.

About to get a little more incestual after this ride by the sounds of it.

So this is actually Stevezero’s ride, which I have jumped in on and then opened up to people - so the more the merrier. As far as I understand (stevezero may have a different idea), it will be a kinglake return (maybe with a couple of kinglake climbs if we are feeling showy) possibly coming back via Wittlesea.
If anyone else is planning on coming I would suggest a road bike (unless like etomato you regularly ride SS on road rides), as the descent can be dangerous (lots of blind left turns) and the climb is decent.

And Justin - about time we went on a road ride.