Architecture Thread.

Yeah - it’s a slow day at work. so bring it on… 5 questions.

Favorite building? -

Least Favorite building? -

Favorite Architect? -

Favorite Australian building?

and Best bikefriendly building? (I have no idea what that exactly entails, but whatever… you decide.)

Favourite building? - Can a house count? Mostly because of the movie though.

Least Favourite building? - Boring US cookie cutter tract houses. (although LAM (?)linked to a look back at how houses and a certain chain store from decades ago have developed their own character over time)

Favourite Architect? - Close call between Chazvegas & Lats.

Favourite Australian building? - Tough call. For Melb CBD I like the Manchester Unity building.

Best bikefriendly building? -
This isn’t the one I was looking for, but it’s equally awesome:

not including ones i’ve worked on…or the architect i work/worked for.

  1. favourite i’ve been to is jorn utzon’s bagsvaerd church in copenhagen…probably.
    but i haven’t been to many good building s to be fair.
    the paris opera and notre dame were very impressive too.

  2. arm’s alterations to melbourne central - its a horrible, horrible thing. followed by the qv site in general.

  3. i’ve got a thing for adolf loos at the moment. but always liked oma’s stuff and particularly what effect rem has had on architecture in general in the last 30-40 years.

  4. opera house. fairly cliched i know but it really is stunning.

  5. i guess the museum is the obvious one because it has a big forecourt with noone on it. but that is a werid question

that was up for sale recently blakey…
2.3 mill it was…don’t know what it went for.

Houses are buildings, so yeah it all counts! (pavilions, structures, and other architecture in a definition ‘grey area’ count as well)

yeah - thought I’d try and keep it vaugely bike orientated.

Favorite building? - Ronchamp Chapel, Bagsvaerd Church and Saynatsalo Town Hall all fight for the top spot.

Least Favorite building? - Crown Casino

Favorite Architect? - Jorn Utzon

Favorite Australian building? C House by Donovan Hill

and Best bikefriendly building? All I can think of is Seven Seeds because you can park your bike inside.

parliament building in london. photos really dont do it justice. i seriously stood there for an hour looking at it when i was in london.

disclaimer! I know nothing about architecture.

Favorite building? - I like those houses that are built into the side of mountains and have gardens or grass on the roof. They usually are really square with huge windows in the front looking out over the valley and hills they are built into. It’d be nice to be able to do one on the side of an Australian hill with gumtrees and a regular bush setting on the roof, but i would assume roots would be an issue.

Least Favorite building? - Houses in new estates. I’ve got multiple friends who just bought houses in a new estate where i grew up and they pretty much have the same house with the same tacky ‘modern’ features. i will never live in one of these estates.

Favorite Architect? - No idea.

Favorite Australian building? - I only recently went to the Sydney Opera House and expected to not care, but i was real hyped on it. It may not be the best building in terms of design, the sounds produced inside etc but its still pretty impressive.

and Best bike friendly building? There is a building in Sydney thats got banks the whole way around it, with benches you can grind at the top of these banks. It also doesnt have any security guards and the streets surrounding it are very quiet. If anyone has me on facebook, theyll see me riding one of the banks in my display photo.

good call on donovan hill.

went to their offices and a bit of a tour of their work as a student.

d-house for me wins…mainly becasue we got to hang out in it for a while. liked what they had done to the library too.

really nice.

would love to get to see more of their work.

also on that trip went to nth stradbroke island to see the gorman-andresen house…is nice too.

I know! But I don’t live in Chicago. Or own a Ferrari.

but modern square type places with huge windows. i wish i knew what it was called so i could google it.

earth sheltered dwellings is the broad category

Favorite building? - Dont have one eh.

Least Favorite building? - Storey Hall, fucking hate it. looks like a half finished student project.

Favorite Architect? - I don’t like Achitects. always think they are the smartest guys in the room. specially LAB.

Favorite Australian building?- The Flying Saucer building next door to Oakleigh Ice Rink.

and Best bikefriendly building?- meh who wants that?

like all the houses in monaco! the prince of monaco didnt like how his city looked so grey with all the concrete so he made everyone plant trees on their roof.
its rad

Not square, but:

C’mon Chaz, everyone wants to know yours…

Galleria Department Store, Seoul, South Korea, UN Studio 2003
Media facade anyone?

Favorite building?

Least Favorite building?

Favorite Architect?

Favorite Australian building?

and Best bikefriendly building?