Are people running the same crank length on their cx, road, MTB

I run 175mm on my MTB bikes and 172.5 on my road bikes in the past I have just run 172.5 on my cross bikes. Do people run the same as there roadie just interested, what is the general wisdom.


Track - 165
Road - 170
CX - 172.5
MTB - 175

I would rather go 170 for track and then 172.5 for road.

I used to be really hung up on crank length, but after riding 175, 172.5 and 170 on road, cx and mtb, the differences are pretty minimal at best. I’d still ride 165 for a fixed gear though

For me- 175mm for mtb, 172.5mm road. Not by design but rather because the bikes in my size come with these, and they feel okay.

I would say a lot has to do with the BB height/drop
The MTB has 175 on it, but is long way off the ground, the CX bike has 172.5mm on it, because that is the spare chainset I had, but I think i prefer the 170 for tiny bit of extra ground clearance. Been out a few times and bottomed out a bit sooner than i would have liked- also it is incredible how much difference the 2.5mm makes pedalling out of a corner on the road???
I use 170 on my road race bike.
After over 30 years on 165 cranks on the track bike, I decided to go for 170 on my new frame, a lot of old steel frames will not have the bb hight/drop to allow 170 on steep tracks.
It makes minimal mechanical difference, and not sure if it is the stiffer cranks but my position on the new bike looks a lot better than with the 165 ???

road/cx - yes
MTB - i have no idea and should check. my position needs some work on the MTB anyways.

my road and cx position are pretty similar (post a cm or so shorter, reach a similar distance shorter via less saddle-bb offset).

i think the previous wisdom of shorter cranks and a higher bb is changing.

Just asking because I have spare road crankset for a cx build which is 175mm. I don’t notice crank length so much on road bikes but I really hate shorter cranks on mtb for those short quick pedal strokes you need to get up stuff.

Try them if they work for you keep them on- if not change them- I’m sure someone will swap you?

I use 172.5 on road and CX.

Mainly because it is easier to get the setup close to perfect on both.

I run
170 MTb
172.5 road
165 Fixie/track