Around the bay / fixed 210km

This weekend around the bay.

From recent years I noticed that most on FOA despise the event. In any case I’m going to rep the small fixed attendees.

Anyone going or want to. And which leg, there is M>S>M, S>M>S, Total loop clockwise and anticlockwise.

Im thinking total loop clockwise. I really just want to smash the westgate (may need a rest just prior after 200km down)

I wouldn’t mind riding with another fixed. I’m riding 44/17 moderate fitness. Any takers?

Austie and myself will be doing the Frankston return fixed to test the waters. (Seeing if there’s too much traffic etc.)

distance too long for me, but thumbs up for you

Assuming you have entered legit, you can only go the way you have selected. If you haven’t payed, you can’t get on the ferry IIRC.

Hopefully it turns out ok, fundraising for charity anyway.

I reckon Kenny’s hardcore enough to swim across with his fixie on his back.

I was gonna buy one of those cheap tickets of gumtree there is both anti clockwise and clockwise for good prices under $100. I’m riding 44/16 @ 25 - 28 km/h whos in ???

@daverlg n Just don’t drink beer the night before load up in 10 bananas and dates in the morning you will be right.

Doing the 50km (westgate twice?!?) 46/17 (sadly I ride free not fixed) and shooting for 30-35kmh

Double Bay-in-a-Day

Mother of God

Is hardman tristan’s blog still active?

nah, sadly.

Thank you wayback machine! Archive Challenges | Hardman Riding Can’t find the post on the DATBIAD though. No ferries, just MQMSMQMSM.

Edit, found the list of challenges, all were fixed gear challenges.

Double Bay In a Day
Mega Alpine Challenge
Sydney to Melbourne in 48hrs
24hr Velodrome distance attempt
Coast, Summit, Coast in a day
Offroad Mega Alpine Challenge
Castlemaine hell loop of pain
40+ km hour (Brunswick Velodrome) <— He came so close, 39km, Merckx style.

Isn’t that going around four times?

wait, you’re right. I typed it up as MQMSM then corrected it, to the wrong thing.

Tristan would have done the quad though.

Would have loved to see him tick off some of those challenges. His site really used to get my juices flowing.

there’s an interesting bet accompanying this one.

why don’t you describe it in graphic detail.

So how’d everyone go?

Ok, headwind home via sorrento was sh!thouse. 9th place up the westgate overall on strava passed about 50 low gear spinners.

Bike Ride Profile | 220km fixed gear 44/16 headwind home around the bay near East Melbourne | Times and Records | Strava